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I've been blessed to write for the Heartsong Presents line, and have 3 three-book series out with them. 

Historical Colorado Series

Before the Dawn - Available now!

Before the DawnIn the depths of a collapsing mine shaft, David Mackenzie lost everything. Even his sight. Determined not to rely on anyone else to get along, David wraps himself tightly in folds of bitterness as dark as his new world. But Karen Worth will not give up, and through a series of maneuvers she manages to convince David to marry her anyway. She quickly discovers, however, that though she loves him unconditionally, she shouldn't have stepped ahead of God - who also never gives up.

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Light To My Path 

    How could something so beautiful on the outside be so rotten on the inside?
    When Sam discovers the truth about his money-grabbing fiancée, he breaks off their engagement and makes plans to head back to Colorado alone. Disillusioned, he determines never to get caught by a woman again. But then, Aunt Tabitha asks a favor of him, and he couldn’t turn her down.
    Eldora Carter, jobless, homeless, and family-less, finds herself suddenly in charge of escorting three orphaned children across country on the train from Missouri to Colorado. What should have been an easy job, however, quickly becomes a nightmare as each child presents their own crisis. If it wasn’t for Sam Mackenzie, they’d all have been put off the train long ago.
    When an avalanche halts their progress, Sam and Eldora both must learn to trust God like never before. Life, health, safety, security…even family and love. Can God be trusted to put things together when, despite all their efforts, they’ve failed so miserably?
    You can order Light to My Path (nominated for a 2012 ACFW Carol Award) through Christian Book Distributors by clicking HERE. 

    Should he marry to please his church or follow his heart? Pastor Silas Hamilton has always been of the opinion that when he meets the woman God intends for him to marry, he’ll know her immediately. And so far, she hasn’t appeared, despite the determined machinations of one particular mother in his congregation.

    And then it happens. Walking along the creek one day, he rescues a young woman from a near-fall into the water…and though they part ways without exchanging names, her fascinating gray eyes and the mysterious connection he felt with her remain foremost in his mind.

    It isn’t until later, when he attends a play at the newly opened theater in town that he realizes his dreams have been caught up in the lovely Willow Starr—an actress bound for the bright lights of New York City.

    But can a pastor love an actress? Would an actress abandon the stage for life in Martin City? And what about that mother, determined to claim the pastor for her daughter?

    Stars In Her Eyes is available from Love Inspired's Reader Services by calling  Laurie Mularchuk at 888-343-9777  x467 

    Historical Idaho Series: Idaho Brides

    Clara and the Cowboy

    Clara and the CowboyAlec’s had to prove himself his entire life.
    From his abusive, alcoholic father to the townspeople who treat him as if he’s cut from the same cloth to the insecurities that fill his own head, nothing he ever does is good enough. So how can he possibly let himself be in love with the boss’s daughter? And why on earth would she have declared her love for him?
    In a fit of pique, Clara did indeed declare her love for Alec. And his flat, decisive rejection—even as his face and hands and lips denied his words—nearly broke her heart. Why can’t Alec look beyond the circumstances of his childhood to see the honorable man he’s become?
    When Clara’s life is threatened by dangerous cattle rustlers, will Alec finally discover the answers he’s been seeking? If he lets go of the past, can he trust God for the future?

    CBD Link to purchase: Clara and the Cowboy 


    Lily and the Lawman

    Lily and the LawmanLily has never been so alone.
    Her sister Violet has died, and her niece Rose has been kidnapped. The U.S. Marshals who are supposed to be looking for Rose are ill and injured. Lily has two choices: find Rose herself (which she has no idea how to do) or trust Trace McConnell to find the baby for her. But Lily has trusted men for the last time. So maybe she will do this on her own.
    Trace McConnell—almost-bad-boy-turned-local-lawman—would be happy to hunt down the kidnappers and return Rose to the intriguing Lily Whitman, except Lily won’t let him go alone. How is he supposed deal with kidnappers and killers when his mind and heart are so distracted by this frustrating woman?
    Is a God whose ways seem inexplicable really a God who is trustworthy? Is He really with them, or has He forsaken them, despite what His Word says?

    Link to purchase Lily and the Lawman


    Maggie and the Maverick

    Maggie and the MaverickNo one suspects the diminutive seller of feminine fripperies to be a U.S. Marshal in disguise. But that's what Maggie Davis is. So when the intriguingly handsome stage driver turns out to be her number one suspect, she's surprised at the turmoil she feels. Can the sweet, caring man she's come to know be the same scoundrel the sheriff and other townspeople so viciously malign? If the perpetrator truly is Cal McConnell, then justice will be served. Even if it breaks Maggie's heart.

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    Historical Minnesota Series: North Star Brides

    The Bartered Bride

    The Bartered BrideJonathan Kennebrae is furious when his grandfather informs him that his future has been decided. He will marry Melissa Brooke or be disinherited. Jonathan has invested years of his life in Kennabrae Shipping, but heaven help him if Grandfather decides to take it all away for this.
    Melissa, too, is devastated when her parents make their announcement. As little more than a bargaining chip in her father’s business maneuvers, she feels her secure world slipping away. Engaged to marry a man she has never met—someone “considerably older” than herself? What have her parents done?
    Can Jonathan and Melissa find a way out of this loveless marriage, or must they find a way forward together?

    The Bartered Bride is now out of print, but you can find copies HERE


    The Marriage Masquerade

    The Marriage MasqueradeSometimes you just have to start over.
    Captain Noah Kennebrae can no longer deal with the shame and guilt from the wreck of his ship. So he changes his name and takes a job as assistant lighthouse keeper on Sutton Island, heedless of the marriage contract his grandfather has arranged for him. No woman in her right mind would want to marry him now, anyway.
    Desperate to escape the calculating grasp of her father and his cronies, Anastasia Michaels leaves her home under cover of night to take the unlikely job of housekeeper on a remote island. At least, knowing how terrified of water she is, her father would never think to look for her there.
    But neither Nick nor Annie considered that God’s hand might be at work in their lives. When they each take things into their own hands, He must work a miracle to bring them back to His original plan.

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    The Engineered Engagement

    The Engineered Engagement
    A Kennebrae keeps his word...
    But Grandfather made the promise, and Eli Kennebrae is expected to carry it out.
    Josie Zahn has admired Eli from a distance for years, but Eli hardly knows she exists other than as just "one of the Zahn girls." If only she could get his attention...
    When Father announces her older sister Clarice's engagement to Eli, both girls are crushed. Is there no way out of this nightmare?
    Deception, intrigue, and danger make life miserable for the Zahns and the Kennebraes as they learn that Divine enginneering is far better than human manipulation.

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