Monday, June 09, 2014

Tweaking the routine

 I love my routine. I love the rhythm of my days. I love that things are fairly predictable around here.

And when I get thrown out of my routine, or there is a significant change, I feel out of sorts and uncomfortable.

Recent changes include a college graduate moving back home, and a child graduating from high school and no longer being formally home-schooled. 

We've also finally transitioned from winter to summer here in MN, with more daylight, warmer temps, and an overall uptick in my outlook on life.

All these are good things, but they've created a need to change my routine a bit. I've found I've got more time and energy than I've had in quite awhile. 

I'm not sure that this will translate into more writing time. I've added gardening to my activities list during the warmer months, both to enjoy and to get me outside more. And I've rediscovered my love of cross-stitching, which is time-consuming.

How about you? Are you a creature of routine, or do you thrive on spontaneity? Do you find yourself better able to focus during the long, sunny days of summer, or during the shorter days of winter? 


  1. Yeah, the summer wreaks havoc with a routine. Too often, I find myself listening to the siren call of the sun room, my comfy chair, and Netflix

    1. For me it's the kindle, the dvd collection, and computer games. :)