Friday, September 06, 2013

The Friday Five

This picture is of my baby boy, Jamester, when he was three. He's climbing the red bud tree in my parents' front yard, the tree we planted the day we brought my baby brother, Nathan, home from the hospital...when I was three.

Last week marked my son's first days attending the local community college as part of his last year of high school. Hard to believe he's a senior! I remember my first days as a college student. The excitement, the nerves, the new friends, the classes, etc.

So, this week's Friday Five is five things I remember from my first days at college:

1. The packing and shopping. I took a major trip to Wal-mart before I left for college, buying myself towels and sheets and cleaning supplies. I don't think I'd ever spent so much on myself ever before!

2. The confusion of the bookstore. Searching for all the books I needed for my classes. In high school, I showed up, the books were handed out to us, and that was it. Here I was buying, in some cases five or six books for each class!

3. A new roommate. (Waving to Patti!) I hadn't had a roommate for awhile, since my older sister got her own room. I was nervous and excited to have a roomie, and Patti was very easy to live with.

4. Orientation. Picnics, amusement parks, Royals baseball games, and lecture after lecture on how to be a college student. My daughter's college continues the orientation/first year experience for the first quarter to half of the year, but my college had a week of orientation, then you were on your own.

5. Meeting my future husband. I met Peter the second week of college. We began dating at Christmastime, and two years later we got married. :)

What do you remember about your first days of college?

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