Friday, August 30, 2013

The Friday Five

Welcome back to The Friday Five:

Since summer is quickly coming to an end and school years are about to begin, this week's Friday Five is:

Five things that are beginning or ending around here:

1. Student Teaching. The elder child had her first day of teacher orientation/meet the students at her student-teaching placement yesterday. The verdict is: "I love my first graders!"

2. Earth Science at the local jr. college. The younger child is taking his first class at the local jr. college. So far the week is off to a rocky start with the teacher a no-show for the first class, a last minute classroom change, and a mix-up on when the lab was actually scheduled. But I think we're on track now. :)

3. Hopefully, this heatwave will be ending soon. It's too hot to work on the patio project. Too hot to sit on the front porch in the evenings. Just plain too hot for this girl!

4. Football season is beginning! The last NFL preseason games are over. College football games started last night. Are you ready for some football?

5. Teaching Sunday school. This is a beginning/ending around here. Our church Sunday school takes a break in August, so the teachers can recharge and reorganize. So the Sunday after Labor Day, my husband will be starting a new year as a Sunday school teacher of 4-6th grade. I taught Sunday school for the first part of the year, but someone else will be taking over my class, so my time as a teacher is coming to an end. (For now.)

How about you? What's beginning or ending at this time of year for you?


  1. The Young One began the first day of her senior year at college yesterday. Doesn't seem possible.

  2. I'm glad your daughter is enjoying student teaching!!

    My daughter had a blast student teaching the last semester of her senior year. She taught high school Ag. After a year of teaching agriculture to 7th - 12th graders, she decided to go back to tractor work in the fields while she continues on for a masters.

    Son is in his junior year studying Pet. Engineering. We have no idea where the brains of this child came from. Gary and I need lessons in operating the calculators on our phones much less physics and calculus!

    Even though our kiddos are out of the house, years of "school starts in the fall" has conditioned my mind to rejoice on September 1, LOL!