Sunday, June 09, 2013


Now that we're back from vacation and we've deep-cleaned the house, it's time to settle into our summer routine.

We're staying up a bit later, sleeping in a bit later, planting flowers and mowing grass, taking a break from school.

The eldest turns 21 this month, and for her birthday, she asked if we could take the St. Paul Gangster's Tour as a family. We'll make a few day trips to favorite historical sites this summer too. But mostly we stay home and hang out and relax.

I love summer.

How about you? What do you do during the summer?


  1. Your summer prospects sound heavenly...even the deep cleaning of the house. Heaven knows mine needs it, LOL!

    Enjoy your laid back summer!! And happy upcoming birthday to the 21 year old!!!!

  2. We're still looking ahead to vacation time. For years we've chosen August for our getaways... to the lakeside cabin or exploring in our RV... because the weather is consistently better later rather than earlier in the summer. The rest of the time we spend puttering... we both like gardening and having more time for reading, and visiting with friends and family. The relaxed, non-scheduled pace is welcome after the busy spring.