Friday, April 26, 2013

The Friday Five

This week's Friday Five is

Five websites that crack me up:

1. Reasons my Son is Crying A dad takes pictures of his heartbroken kids and says why the boys are crying. Now before you think me or him some heartless ogre, read the reasons why the kid is crying...The above picture: He's sobbing because his dad won't let him get a tattoo.

2. Cake Wrecks When cakes go horribly wrong. Warning: not all of the blogs are family friendly...but they are always funny.

3. There. I Fixed it. Duct Tape, Wire, Paperclips, and Staples to the rescue.

4. Grumpy Cat This is the facebook page for Grumpy Cat. I love when these memes come through my facebook feed.

5. Okay, this one doesn't make me crack up, at least not all of the time, but it is wicked interesting. These photos are amazing! And when you get to the bottom, check out the best pictures of 2012 and the best so far of 2013. Stunning!

What websites make you laugh?


  1. I love Cake Wrecks, Clients from Hell and 15 Minute Lunch some rough language, but very funny the spots Johnny gets into.

  2. How funny! I've seen the cake wrecks before but the one about the kid crying is actually pretty clever. Going to check it out! Have a super weekend, Erica!