Sunday, April 28, 2013

Be Still

This weekend, I got to babysit the most precious and snuggly little guy ever! He's just shy of his first birthday, and boy howdy, was he adorable. Not having had a solid nap time for a little while (due to travel and parental obligations) he was more than ready to doss down and sleep a little when he got to my house.

As I rocked this precious boy in the quiet of my living room, all the lights off, the shades drawn, no tv, no radio, no computer, no book to read even, I realized what a long time it had rocked a sleeping baby, how long it had been since I watched a nap time clock, and after awhile, how long it had been since I had just been...still.

In our world that is constantly bombarding us with data, where we keep the tv on as background noise, where the car radio comes on when we insert the key, when we fire up the laptop with our first cup of coffee and don't turn it off until we're saying good night, these times of just being still are rare and to be treasured.

The baby slept for almost 3 solid hours. That's plenty of time to think some long thoughts. Thoughts about the next story I'm plotting, about all the things I need to do this week, about a vacation we're hoping to take...and then, I was just still.

Thoughts about my church family came to me, and I was still enough to pray for them. Still enough to reflect on the Sunday School lesson I'd taught that morning and about the Ladies' Bible Study I was going to attend that night. Still enough to pray for the baby I was holding and to wonder what the world would look like in twenty years when he was a grown man.

Thoughts about the benefits of being still and how it can turn my thoughts to things of eternal value.

Have you had any time to be still, to turn off the blare and blurting of our world and listen to the silence for awhile?

Oh, and I'm guest blogging over at Seekerville today. I hope you can drop by!

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  1. Great post! It's true, I can't honestly remember the last time I did nothing voluntarily. This is one reason why I actually quite enjoy my commute to work. Sitting on the train, with nothing else to do for an hour apart from think my thoughts. It's important! Anyway, really enjoyed this post and your others here. I work for a new social blogging site called, and was hoping you would consider sharing your posts there with us? It wouldn't change your blog in any way, and I know our community would love to read through your work here. There are many aspiring authors there who would be interested in your books too. Let me know what you think!

    All the best,