Sunday, April 07, 2013

A Successful Weekend

James and his lovely date Rebekah at the prom.

This last weekend was packed! Beginning Friday morning when my son, James, and I headed into the wilds of SE Minnesota. We arrived in the lovely hamlet of Preston where James successfully navigated the rigors of the driver's exam and emerged victorious with the precious license in hand. :)

The Defenders basketball kids at prom.
That evening was the Rochester Area Homeschool Defenders Basketball Party. James and I arrived at 4 pm to help with the set-up and decorating. Jody Rosedahl, organizer par excellence, was in charge and pulled everything together so beautifully. There was a yummy buffet of fresh fruit, cookies, and bars, and a program of coaches' talks, slide shows, player intros, and fellowship. After the party, Peter and James and I went out to celebrate James's new driver's license and the news we'd received that our daughter, Heather, had scored a 100% on her latest Egyptology test.

Dancing with Bekah.
 Saturday was a HUGE day at the Vetsch household. James attended his first prom. All dressed up. With a date. To dinner first, then a dance. I was so proud of him. He tried some new things, stepped out of his comfort zone, and had a great time. His date was sweet, a friend he's known for a long time and fellow basketball player. The dances organized so that you could have lots of fun without being self-conscious, and the company excellent. Parents were allowed to come for a short time to take some pictures, and afterwards, a bunch of the kids went to one of their houses for a short after-prom party.

On Sunday, it was my turn. I took over teaching the teen Sunday School class at church. I stepped out of this job when my MIL was very sick, and I've missed it. We're studying John's epistles, and I can already tell this group will be a lot of fun. They're talkers and questioners and good kids.

What I didn't get done was my chapter-by-chapter synopsis or judging more contest entries, so those are on the top of the list for Monday.

What about you? What did you get done this weekend? Was it epic? What are you plans for this week?


  1. Sounds like you had a super weekend, Erica! That's great.

    We've been celebrating around the Gwynly household. Our daughter, who will graduate with a German-French major this coming June, found out she got a job as an English language teaching assistant in France. She'll be there October through April. Gwynly and I are already planning a visit. :-)

  2. Oops! That was supposed to say Gwyn household. I'm so excited I can't even type my own name correctly. LOL

  3. Family get together. Some genealogy research. Visited an heirloom quilt display with my great, great, great g'pa's 100 yr old quilt displayed there. Read some of Sarah Ladd's The Heiress of Winterwood. Napped in the sun on back patio while hubby painted some new wooden fishing lures I got for him. Thought about getting edits done--but didn't quite get there.

    Hope your week is good Erica! Looks like the prom was a fun time. We have that coming up here before long too.

  4. Aw...prom! I can see why you'd be a proud mom on that one.

    Our weekend was a whirlwind. I know we went on lots of walks (I remember that much) & it felt great to be outside again.

  5. Rachel Overton10:24 AM

    Epic...took my daughter down to visit the university of her choice in Tennessee. She scheduled her classes for the fall, got her student ID, checked out her dorm, and attended all kinds of fun events. It was a great weekend together. Each time we visit, it gets easier to imagine her there. Oh! And the weather! Let's just say southeast Tennessee is w-a-a-a-y different from northeast Ohio. It was hard to watch the temps drop and the gas prices rise as we drove those eleven hours back home. :-)