Sunday, February 03, 2013

When the Lights Go Out.

American Football

The lights went out at the *Big Game* and everything changed. (Supposedly, we're not allowed to say the name of the contest without signing a licensing agreement with the NFL.) Anyway, back to last team was creaming the other, and then BAM! The lights went out in half of the stadium, necessitating a half hour stoppage of the game while they figured out who tripped on the cord and the proper launch sequence to reboot the lights.

Once the lights came back up, the team that was getting pasted came roaring back and actually made a game of it. They regrouped, regathered, and recharged. The other team seemed a bit lost for awhile, as if they hadn't quite realized the game was back on. 

Which got me to thinking about how I handle unexpected change. Do I regroup, or do I lose my focus? Do I see an opportunity, or does it derail me? 

How about you? How do you treat unexpected events in your life?

Did you watch the *Big Game*? What was your favorite commercial? Here was one of mine, a continuation of one that aired during the game: El Plato Supremo. (Thanks to Elizabeth S. for pointing me to this video. :) )


  1. I only watched a few plays and a few commercials.
    Unexpected change?---obsess. pray. talk with my hubby. give it time. :)

  2. I like to think with bravery and complete class, but I can be a mess when life throws a tough one at me.

    I kept noticing how the lights out caused the coaches to drop a lot of Fbombs. But maybe they do that when the lights are on too.

    I liked a few of the commercials...the Clydesdale one & the one where the picked on kid goes and chooses his team of champions.

  3. I ate till I was sick. I love Superbowl food, but that's it. I was overall disappointed in the commercials.

  4. Hey now..."creamed" is a bit harsh. ;) Just kidding...but as someone married to a die-hard Niners fan, last night was rough in the Nezbeth home. Actually, he was still grumpy this morning. :)

  5. Wow, I didn't know we couldn't say the name. Those NFL lawyers, lol... I was laughing at the reaction of the Ravens coach, remarking how he needed to settle down. Then I realized that I would probably have pitched a silly fit, too :-/