Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Friday Five

Seabiscuit Breyer Horse

This week's Friday Five is:

Five favorite toys from my childhood:

1. Breyer model horses. I had lots of them and spent HOURS (dare I say weeks and months and years) playing with them.

2. Romper Stompers. We didn't have the store-bought kind. We made our own with Folger's cans and string.

3. EasyBake Oven. Though my little brother broke into the stash of little cake mixes and ate them. He had a ring of chocolate around his mouth and a "Who me?" expression on his face.

4. Glove and softball. The neighbor kids all got together to play "hot box" a game of stealing bases, most every summer evening.

5. The dining room chairs. We used to line them up in the living room and played school bus, and we tipped them back against the couch and played astronaut. :)

What did you play with as a kid?


  1. We played endless hours of baseball during the day and Kick the Can on Summer nights. Had to go in when the street lights came on or Himself's Ma yelled for her brood, whichever came first.

  2. Some of my favorite childhood toys weren't really toys at all. I liked purses and had a whole collection of them. I liked books but didn't have nearly enough of them. I liked my tiny kid-sized typewriter and pretended to be a famous author. :-)