Friday, February 01, 2013

The Friday Five

Jayhawks Cheerleaders & Mascot

Today's post has nothing to do with basketball, but it is basketball season, so I thought I'd show a photo of Jay, the Kansas Jayhawks' mascot. :)

I've been struggling to set and keep goals lately. Whether it's tucking into my WIP, keeping up with the bookkeeping, or giving the housework more than a lick and a promise. So this week's Friday Five is:

Five things I want to accomplish this week:

1. Get books entered into the ACFW Carol Awards.

2. Get a gift returned to the store for an exchange.

3. Move my WIP from 22,500 words to 30,000 words. (this will involve sneaking away on Saturday for sure!)

4. Clean off my desk.

5. Make a menu for next week.

How about you? Are you a goal setter? 


  1. My friend recently gave me a large 11x13 piece of paper with the words: My Goals for the Week at the top and six squares on the bottom. The squares are each about the size of a post-it note. Each week I write my top six goals for that week on post-it notes and stick them on my sheet (which is on my refrigerator). It's a great visual reminder of my goals - and each time I finish one, I get to take the little post-it note off and throw it away. I've never been a goal-type person, but now that I'm writing more, I need to set goals and accomplish them.

  2. I'm awash in papers. My goal today is to sort, scan to file, shred, or recycle.

  3. I'm a goal setter. A list maker. A planner. :)

  4. "Wing it" is my motto. I think my family (and my house) would go into cardiac arrest if I even thought about applying more than a lick and promise...

    Don't you just love Swiffer and Scrubbing Bubbles???

    I need to update my word meter on my blog. I've written scenes and not updated. You'd think I'd like to watch my own progress, LOL!

    You've got great goals for the week, Erica. I'm cheering you on!!