Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Friday Five Spelling Style

Alphabet blocks #color

This week's Friday Five has to do with Spelling! 

Five words I commonly misspell and have to try over.

1. Calender Calendar. 

2. Exerpt Excerpt

3. Gague Gauge

4. Perserverence Perseverence Perseverance 

5. Definitly Definitely 

I've heard it said a synonym is the word you use when you can't spell the word you wanted to use. :)

Do you have any words you always stumble over?


  1. Recommendations, accusations, accommodations... I never know if it's a double c, double other letter, or both?

  2. Conscience and apparently 'herself' as I was typing so fast yesterday my fingers spit out 'ehrslef' ;)

  3. Rachel Overton9:38 AM

    medecine. I mean medicine. And my fingers often transpose the first two letters of a word when typing.

  4. My brain and fingers sometimes forget to communicate with each other, especially when it comes to 'comraderie'... commraderie... ack!!! camaraderie!!!! I look it up almost every time I want to use it, and I STILL get it wrong.