Thursday, February 07, 2013

The Friday Five - It's a Shoe Thing!

I Like Shoes

After my daughter and I read Robin Jones Gunn's Sisterchicks Say Oo-La-La! We started using the term 'yummy shoes.' Yummy shoes are shoes that fit great, look great, and match what you're wearing. Shoes you love and can wear all day. 

So, this week's Friday Five is:

My five favorite pairs of shoes.

1. My tennis shoes. I wear these most days. Currently, they are New Balance shoes, tan with a little pale blue.

2. My zippety boots. Suede calf-length with buckles and fake fir. Very warm!

3. My new slippers. Lambswool lined leather slippers with non-slip soles. As a diabetic, I'm not supposed to go barefoot, or even in stocking-feet. A good pair of house-slippers is invaluable.

4. My red sandals. In summer time I don a pair of red, canvas and elastic sandals, purchased at Bealls in Lakeland, FL. If I can't get to Florida, my mama sends me a pair. :) She's kinda awesome that way.

5. My brown quilted Champion brand walking shoes with a criss-cross of brown elastic across the top. So comfy!

How about you? Do you have a pair of yummy shoes? Are you a shoe person? Do you dare to confess how many pairs of shoes you have?


  1. Most days I wear Crocs around the house. They double as my slippers. Sometimes I wear Crocs out in public. Fugly? Maybe, but they are comfy. I even have a pair of dressy Crocs, black sling backs. My new warm weather shoe is a pair of red converse just what The Doctor ordered.

  2. Oh, I have yummy shoes. Yes.

    I have little red boots that I wear whenever possible. And my Nike's are so comfy! My slippers sound an awful lot like your slippers. Can't live without those!

  3. I'm a flip-flop gal, but I do love my sperrys!