Sunday, January 27, 2013

Refueling your Creativity


Okay, I admit it. I haven't felt particularly creative lately. I had to restart my WIP because there wasn't enough conflict in the plot, and the prospect of trashing 20K words and starting from scratch made me want to cry, crawl into bed, and forget the world.

Add to that the various responsibilities that fall on my shoulders, and I was a dry well when it came to my creativity.

And yet, I have a deadline. This manuscript is due on my agent's desk on April 1st. I HAVE to crank out the words. I have to create this story, these characters.

What to do...

I decided that I might be able to unstopper the bottleneck if I found another way to be creative. A different project that would allow my hands to be busy and my mind to be free to roam.

So I headed to Hobby Lobby and bought some baby yarn, perused the internet until I found a pattern I liked, and--as my daughter would say--Voy-Oh-Lee! 

I created a lovely afghan that I will soon gift to a mom-to-be, and while I was working, I let my mind ruminate on the story, the characters, and why I wanted to write. 

And on Saturday, I added 6K words to my manuscript. 

What do you do when the creativity dries up? How do you refuel?


  1. Erica, that's such a cute little blanket! How long did that take you? I'm very impressed! :) For the creative part...that's not usually my problem. The butt-in-chair (or lack of...) is more my struggle. Someone needs to hot glue my hiney down! LOL :)

  2. Love the baby afghan - for a moment (okay, a millisecond) I thought: oh, a baby blanket...then I snapped back to reality and thought about my 2 1/2 year old twins asleep in the next room and the baby fever left. :)

    For creativity, just let me wander in a museum, read an old newspaper or tour a historic home and I've got it coursing through my veins again! :)

  3. Love the edging on the afghan. Pretty colors, too. Chocolate helps to feed the well.

  4. What an adorable afghan. How long did it take you to create it? I love to sew, but then I feel so guilty about starting a sewing project rather than battling for words, I just get stuck in a conundrum of epic proportions, LOL.

    I recently refilled my well by not allowing myself to write over the holidays. Not one word toward my ms. By January 1, I was itching to get to work and had the ideas churning in my brain.

  5. So pretty!!!!
    I like to daydream and it usually happens when I'm cleaning. lol
    I'm glad the words started flowing for you. :-)

  6. I love to crochet, but I probably haven't picked it up in a year. You're inspiring me to get back to it.

  7. I watch a movie or paint something. I love refurbishing/painting furniture! :) Love the afghan!

  8. Listen to music. Pray. Walk and talk out loud. Drive and let my mind wander. Stay in bed long enough to let my mind wander on a plot thread before my brain is overloaded with other things of the day.

    Read a book. Watch a movie.

    Lord, bless Erica today and this week while she opens herself to the gift of story-telling you've blessed her with. May her story reflect Your image and be a shining light in the darkness. May it bring hope, joy, and laughter where needed. Let her fingers fly on the keyboard to meet her deadline! Amen :)

  9. Pretty afghan. I like to read books or sit in a coffee shop and people watch. Usually letting my brain wander will allow some creative juices to flow.

  10. What a great idea to refresh yourself! The blanket is so beautiful. Isn't it amazing how even just doing something else and different is just the key to unlocking that stuck feeling with writing. I'm so glad you found the words to keep moving forward for your deadline! :)