Sunday, November 04, 2012

Best Husband Ever

I don't say it often enough, but my husband is the most supportive, most generous, most awesome husband ever.

Occasionally, on a writer's e-loop I am a member lurker on, the topic comes up about how to deal with a spouse who is indifferent or even antagonistic toward the dream of becoming an author.

When you're the one with the dream, the one who is reading the craft books, posting to loops and forums, entering contests, attending conferences, etc, all of this stuff makes perfect sense. The money and time is an investment in making your dream come true. And sometimes, we can have a skewed version of reality, one where no cost is too much, no effort or amount of time excessive. Tunnel vision becomes a way of life.

To someone on the outside, someone who doesn't have the same driving compulsion to create fictional worlds, all this effort and expense, the ups and downs, the hopes and despair, is confusing and incomprehensible. Why put yourself (and me) through this agony?

In light of this, it's not surprising that some people have a rough time explaining to their spouse the need to write, the expense they will incur, the time it takes.

I've been blessed because my husband has always fostered my dreams. He gives me time, space, money, emotional support, and anything else I might think I need. He's sent me to conferences, writing weekends, and coffee shops, supported my reading habits, gone to museums, taken countless pictures of artifacts, houses, signage, and landscapes, listened to me plot, cry, moan, squeal, and fuss.

He has always believed in me, and he's always been certain that no matter what my dreams were, that I could reach them.

I couldn't ask for a better partner on this writing journey.  I love you, Peter Vetsch!

How about you? Does your husband/wife 'get it?'


  1. I'm so happy you have such a supportive husband, Erica. I understand your gratitude because Gwynly is the same kind of guy. We're blessed!

  2. When I first read this: "I don't say it often enough, but my husband is the most supportive, most generous, most awesome husband ever." My first thought was, Erica, you venerate and esteem your husband publically more than most people I know and that's one thing I love about you! I also am blessed to have a very supportive husband, but I think sometimes that can be the difference between reaching for a dream and achieving it - having the support from your spouse and family. Thank him for us - because his love and support enables the rest of us to have your stories in our hands!

  3. Aww...he definitely sounds like a keeper!! :-)

  4. This is so sweet!! What a blessing for you.
    My husband doesn't get it but he still believes I'll be a bestseller. lol

  5. What a great man! The way you've detailed his support makes it even better. He's not just cheering you on from the sidelines, he's getting right into the game.

    My hubby is a sideline cheerer. He gives me all the financial support and time, but I'd faint over dead if he ever opened my books ;)

  6. You have a wonderful hubby, Erica!

    My husband was and always has been supportive of me since I first made the decision to write. In fact, he's been the one who has talked me off the ledge a few times when I wanted to give up and sink into despair. I realize not everyone has a spouse who understands this driving dream, but I'm so thankful that mine does.

  7. I had serious doubts as to whether or not my hubby 'got' it until I came home from spending a week at church camp with my daughter this past summer and there, spread open on his nightstand was my first book which he was clearly the middle of reading. Now you have to understand, my husband is not a reader. At. All. Yet he took the time to read all my books or as I like to put it, he 'bought my chairs' (if you don't get that reference watch the movie 'Phenomenon'). It was then I knew he got it. He's still a 'normal' (as Brandilyn Collins puts it) but he's a normal that gets it. :) I love that man.