Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Friday Five

Birthday Cake

Today, October 5th, is my beloved husband's birthday. 

So I thought I'd share five memories I have of my husband.

1. One of the first memories I have of Peter is his 21st birthday. I didn't know him very well, but I do remember wishing him a happy birthday. (I thought he was pretty grown up at 21, since I was just 18.) 

2. I remember the first time I saw Peter. As a new freshman at Calvary Bible College who needed to have a Christian Ministry, I chose to work in the AWANA club of a nearby church. Peter was the game leader. I love a man in uniform, even that old gray and red one AWANA used to have all their leaders wear. 

3. I remember Peter holding our firstborn for the first time. He held her like a running back tucking a football close so he won't fumble. :) He immediately fell in love with that little girl. Makes me mushy inside just thinking about it. 

4. I remember Peter watching the Super Bowl of 1996 with his son. Of course James was five days old at the time. 

5. I remember the look in Peter's eyes when he asked me to marry him. He's been looking at me that same way ever since.

Happy Birthday, Peter. I hope we are blessed to share many, many more birthdays together.

Q4U - Best flavor of birthday cake?
For me, it's devil's food with chocolate frosting. 


  1. I hope you have lots of fun helping your guy celebrate his special day!

    Loved reading about your memories. =)

  2. How super sweet! Thanks so much for sharing such wonderful memories. :)

  3. I loved reading the Friday five today! It brought back warm memories of my husband! :)

    I like dark chocolate with dark chocolate fudge icing. :) But a really good white cake...yeah I'm always up for that. And yellow!

    Maybe, I just like cake. lol

  4. Happy birthday to your hubby! Love those memories :)

    German chocolate cake all the way!

  5. This is the sweetest post ever! Happy birthday to him! And congrats on keeping the love alive!

  6. Such sweet memories! God sure knows how to pick 'em :) Happy birthday, Peter!

  7. Such sweet memories of your hubby! I love it! :) Best cake ever...anything chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, with chocolate frosting....mmm mmm mmm!

  8. Thanks for sharing your special memories. Birthday blessings to your husband!

    I love a rich, dark chocolate cake, but around here the most requested birthday cake seems to be angel food... specifically a 'confetti angel food' cake, with thin lemon icing drizzled over top.

  9. What a beautiful tribute. Lucky Erica for having such a guy and lucky Peter when Erica said yes : ) Happy Birthday, Peter.

    Warm German chocolate cake with a huge scoop of vanilla bean ice cream!!