Sunday, September 16, 2012

Autumn has Come


Fall has arrived in Minnesota. The air is cooler, the trees beginning to change color, the days growing shorter.

When I first moved to this state almost twenty years ago (how CAN it have been that long ago?) I loved the colors and the crisp air, the lowering of the humidity, the signs of harvest all around. Then I went through a rather long phase of being sad about fall's arrival. It meant winter was coming! (Nod to G.R.R. Martin and the Stark family...)

Winter in Minnesota was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. Colder, snowier, and much l---oooonnn----gggggeeeerrr... than winters in Kansas. I was ready for spring well before it actually came. Like months before it actually came. I got sad when spring didn't come.

However, now that I've lived here a long time, I've settled into the rhythm of the seasons here. Fall has arrived, and I'm pleased. I can enjoy autumn again, and even look forward to winter. Winter means a routine, a plan, a schedule. Winter means drinking hot tea and cheering at basketball games and a writing schedule. Thick sweaters, fur-lined boots, and heated seats.

Has fall arrived where you are? What's your favorite part of fall?

I'll be out of pocket for a few days while I attend the ACFW Conference in Dallas. Please be sure to pray for the Spinola family, who will be visiting here with my family while their son undergoes treatment at the Mayo Clinic.


  1. We're just now getting a break with cooler mornings and temps in the high 80s. Won't be long now! :)

  2. Fall marks chai season.

  3. No fall here in FL. It'll come in November and winter will come in Jan and then spring in March. lol
    I miss fall!!!! Have fun at ACFW. :-)

  4. Paragraph 2 is not a good selling point ;)

  5. Although the sunshine is still warm, the evenings cool off now and I'm happy for my down duvet at night. I love fall and its changing colours! My only regret is that the days are getting shorter.

    Enjoy your time at ACFW. Looking forward to updates when you return.

  6. Autumn has arrived with crisp cool air, orange trees, coffee coffee coffee ... wait ... coffee has nothing to do with Fall. Except make it more wonderful! :)