Friday, August 17, 2012

What? It's Friday????


The Friday Five is late today because I spent the day at the Mayo Clinic for my annual physical. Got the thumbs up from the doctor. Glad all that is over for another 12 months.

The truth is, as you get older, there are more and more invasive, constricting, poking, imaging, and downright personal medical exams and procedures the medical field feels are necessary to your well-being. Blah. Not much fun at all.

So, today's Friday Five is

Five things I wish I'd been doing instead of Doctor Day at Mayo.

1. Reading. I took my Kindle, but I never had much time between appointments to read it.

2. Sitting in the sunshine at the park. Today was about the most beautiful day we've had all year.

3. Watching my new favorite show, Leverage. :)

4. Hanging with my daughter. She's been working so many hours this summer, I feel as if I've hardly seen her. And I'm freaking out a little that she has to go back to college in less than two weeks! ACK!

5. Writing on my new WIP.

Are you good about going to the doctor regularly or do you avoid it?


  1. I'm so with you on this one!

  2. That photo took me back to my gap year between college and waiting for my husband to finish school so we could get married: I lived with my folks and worked at the Rochester library, which meant carpooling to Mother Mayo with my mom. My job was only part-time, so I spent loooooooong afternoons in Gonda reading and people watching. And spending way too much of my tiny paycheck on junk food from Weber and Judd. But when you don't have that kind of free time while at Mayo, I can understand wishing to be somewhere else!