Thursday, August 02, 2012

Church Renovations


This month, our church is going to be deep into a renovation project that I'm really happy about. The improvements are long overdue and will make the church so much more pleasant. I'm especially looking forward to the nursery makeover. 

So, this week's Friday Five is:

Five things we'll be doing to renovate the church.

1. New Carpet! Woohoo! We'll be ripping the carpet out of the fellowship hall, nursery, Sunday School classrooms and hall and getting all new carpet. 

2. New Paint. The entire basement is getting a refresher coat of new paint (before we install the new carpet.)

3. New Lighting. The nursery has rather poor lighting, one of the classrooms is only half lighted, and the pastor's office needs some lighting help.

4. New Storage. The nursery is in dire need of new storage units and furnishings, and I am really looking forward to seeing this installed.

5. New Tile. The kitchen is getting new tile, and we're also adding tile to create a serving area in front of the kitchen. This will help preserve the new carpet when we're having a pot-luck meal.

Our church building is old, and there are parts of the building that are showing their age, but in the effort of being good stewards of what God has given us, we are steadily making improvements. We've replaced the roof, exterior doors, and about half the windows, and plans are going ahead to replace plumbing and interior doors, as well as the rest of the windows. Then I'm setting my sights on redoing the offices/workrooms. :)

Are you doing any renovations at your house or church? What is your favorite home improvement project?


  1. Hi Erica- How fun!! I bet it's going to look great. There's so much that a fresh coat of paint can do. I have to confess that I am NOT a big fan of renovations. I like the result, but I don't like the project.

  2. Wow! How exciting! There's nothing like renovations to bring new life in! Make sure you put up before and after pictures!