Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Friday Five

My beautiful daughter, Heather. :)

Happy Friday!!! Happy start to the 2012 Summer Olympics!

Today's Friday Five is:

My five favorite Summer Olympic Sports.

1. Swimming. It will be hard to top the men's 4x100 freestyle relay of 2008, but I'll be watching to see if they can get it done!

2. Gymnastics.

3. Equestrian. I love the 3 day eventing. It's the only sport where men and women compete on equal terms.

4. Indoor Volleyball.

5. The shooting sports. Archery, pistol, skeet, 3 position rifle...

What's your favorite Olympic sport?


  1. I would say gymnastics, but I always get nervous that the athlete is going to fall off the balance beam or something like that. So it's kind of a love-hate relationship. I also love swimming.

  2. Favorite Olympic sports: marathon napping, commercial-refrigerator dash,

  3. She is beautiful! :)
    I like gymnastics and swimming.

  4. Diving and she is truly a beautiful woman. :D
    ~ Wendy

  5. Your daughter has a lovely smile. Such a beautiful young woman! My youngest daughter's name is Heather, too, and we share an interest in many of the same activities (although neither of us seriously quilts).

    My favourite sports are winter ones, but I watch the summer Olympics with enthusiasm, too. I mentioned on my own blog today that my favourite summer events to watch are:
    1. equestrian,
    1. swimming and diving,
    2. rowing and canoe sprints,
    4. gymnastics, and
    5. cycling.
    But really... if there's a Canadian participating in any event, I'm likely to be watching. :)

  6. I like swimming, gymnastics, diving, and beach volleyball.