Thursday, July 05, 2012

Fill in The Blank Friday

This week my new edition of Writer's Digest arrived. I always feel so writerly when Writer's Digest, Romance Writer's Report, or the ACFW Journal arrives. These are the only magazines I currently subscribe to. It would be hard to pick a favorite from this group, but I think at this time, I'd have to say Writer's Digest is my favorite.

When I go to the hair salon, I sit under the hair dryer and flip through the gossip, fashion, and Hollywood magazines, even though I don't know who most of the people in the pictures are.

If I have a dentist appointment, I read National Geographic, Reader's Digest, and Sport's Illustrated.

So, today's Fill in the Blank Friday is:

My favorite magazine is _____________________.


  1. WORLD magazine and Sports Illustrated are always laying out in our house. I'll pick one up, give it a quick perusal, read a bit and come back to it again until it's completely read through in its entirety.

  2. I like Real Simple magazine, because there's so much in there. Tips, recipes, decorating, practical fashion, you name it! I also like Sunset, though, because many of the places they talk about are close by :)

  3. When I take my girls to their piano lessons I love reading Home & Garden or another house style magazine for inspiration. I receive the MOPS Magazine, ACFW and Minnesota Moments - a magazine I contribute to - in my mailbox.

  4. I like to read Vogue, ACFW, and Essence magazines. There are so many that I read, though. It's crazy.

  5. Writer's Digest. I got my latest issue of WD this week too. I really liked two of the articles on the cover - 7 Strategies for More Productive Writing and 10 Quick and Clever Fiction Techniques. :)

  6. I'm not really a runner, but I love reading my husband's running magazine. It's inspiring. It makes me want to be healthy. Is that crazy? :)