Tuesday, June 19, 2012

World War One Wednesday

Do you knit? My mother is a master knitter, making sweaters, socks, shawls, and more. I am the recipient of many of her knitting endeavors -- Happy me!

While researching the American homefront during World War One, I was amazed to learn how much the U.S. Army relied on the knitting of American women to help outfit the troops in Europe. The Red Cross mobilized citizens to knit for the doughboys, socks, scarves, gloves, sleeveless sweaters to wear beneath their woolen uniforms, and more. Millions of women all busily knitting for the cause created a sense of unity, of purpose, and it gave mothers, sisters, and wives a practical way to use their talents to help their loved ones during the war.

To learn more about Knitting for the Cause, click on this link: http://www.historylink.org/index.cfm?DisplayPage=output.cfm&File_Id=5721

Question for you: Do you knit? I'm a crocheter from time to time, and currently an embroiderer of quilt squares. I've never learned to knit, though it's on my bucket list.


  1. Nope. I tried once, but couldn't concentrate enough to make it look pretty!!! lol

  2. I'm not a knitter, but there's a small group at church and my daughter is about to start. I have to get an H hook. Yeah, I should have someone film me trying to run that joker down. Cause, I so know what an H hook is! LOL

  3. Nope, not at all. But my heroine loves to knit and sew so I've been doing a bit of research. I almost forgot to give her a thimble! lol

  4. Ma tried to teach me how to knit, but I couldn't manage it right handed. Girls I worked with taught me how to crochet right handed, but I can only do simple granny ssquares

  5. I love to knit! I love how back then, America really pulled together during war time to help their boys. We don't see that kind of patriotic spirit today, and that deeply saddens me.