Wednesday, June 06, 2012

World War One Wednesday -Scrapbook Page

As most of my blog readers know, I like to create a scrapbook page for each of my releases. You can find previous posts and scrapbook pages by clicking HERE, HEREHERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.   (Wow, I didn't realize I'd posted so many scrapbook blog posts over the years.)

I love finding stickers, sayings, paper, and embellishments that represent things in my book.

I also love that my daughter, Heather, helps me with the pages. We get to be all crafty and creative together, bouncing ideas off each other. It's a girl bonding kinda thing.

Here is Heather with our latest creation, the scrapbook page for A Bride Sews With Love In Needles, CA (Click on the book title to take you to the page for the book.)

The page turned out so cool, thanks to her efforts. She's a whiz with a glue stick. (All that time spent with pre-schoolers is paying off big-time!)

 Here is the cover art for the new book. There will hopefully be one minor change in the final cover. Meghan's dress will be unrelieved black with the white apron. The art department is working on getting the blue stripes out. :) I was waiting to do a big cover reveal here on the blog when the cover was just right, but the cover went live on first. It's a beautiful cover, don't you think? And the model looks just like I pictured Meghan would. The town of Needles, CA is named after the jagged mountains you can see in the background of the cover, the Colorado River flows beside the town, and the train brought passengers daily to the hotel where Meghan worked.

Here's a picture of the scrapbook page. It's divided into thirds. The top third is for Caleb McBride, the hero of the story, with stars on a blue background, a horse, cowboy boots, and a cactus. The middle third has horses in the background, a large American flag, and the cover of the book. The bottom third represents Meghan Thorson, the heroine, and is red and white stripes. It has a quote from Virgil, a picture of some Red Cross signature quilt blocks, and a lunch counter. (Meghan serves in the Harvey House hotel in the lunchroom.)  Scattered across the page are stars and flowers, and there is a coffee cup and teaspoon for Meghan as well.

Using luggage tag letters, we spelled out El Garces Hotel in the upper left corner. The Fred Harvey Company operated hotels all along the AT&SF railroad line, from Kansas City to Los Angeles, with dozens of stops along the way. Harvey Houses served gourmet food with impeccable service and provided luxury-hotels as well. One of the jewels in the Harvey House crown was the El Garces Hotel in Needles, CA. Due to the harsh climate, the Harvey Girls were paid extra to work in Needles.

 In each of the scrapbook pages we've made, there is something we've put in that is extra-special to me. The photograph of the four Red Cross quilt blocks is my favorite part of this page. Those four quilt blocks are part of the quilt I'm making with the help of my sister-in-law, Linda. I cut out and pieced the blocks, and Linda wrote all the names on the quilt, and together we're embroidering all the names in red thread. When we're done, there will be about 350 names in 56 squares.

The names we're putting on the quilt are the World War One veterans of Dodge County, MN. I saw my first signature quilt in the Dodge County Historical Society museum in Mantorville, MN (Where my heroine is from.) and was inspired to write a story with a signature quilt. Then I was inspired to create a quilt of my own.

Question for you...Do you have family members who served in World War One? Do you quilt? Do you scrapbook? Have you ever created scrapbook pages for your novels?


  1. This is so cool and I love the cover! Can't wait to read it! Your scrapbooks are amazing. I wish I was crafty like that!

  2. The scrapbook page looks great. Love the quilt. My maternal grandfather served in WWI. It's how he became a citizen. He was "over there" when my mother was born. And a nurse from the Red Cross helped my grandmother through her "confinement" and the birth. At least, that's the family lore.

  3. Quick answers: Yes, sort of, yes and sort of. :)
    1. My FIL served in WWI at Vimy Ridge.
    2. I've made one quilt... started it years ago but have never quite finished it. I'm obviously not a true blue quilter!
    3. I love scrapbooking and am slowly working at putting family photos into a series of heritage family albums, altho' haven't had a lot of time for them lately. I made our Christmas cards. Does that count?
    4. I like to do collages for each of my novels... kind of like movie story boards. Since none of my books is published yet I don't have covers to display, but I gather clippings and photos to represent significant people and objects, attach them to a scrapbook-sized page and keep it clipped into the front of the binder devoted to that specific novel.
    Your page looks awesome, and the Red Cross quilt is a great idea... a wonderful way to immortalize their names and remember their service.