Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sagebrush Knights Edits

Woohoo! Content edits on Sagebrush Knights are done! Super, super happy with the way these four novellas came together. Here's a little bit about the stories. They turned out even better than I'd imagined.

Set in 1874, SAGEBRUSH KNIGHTS is the story of four sisters from Seabury, MA (fictional) who are in need of husbands. Their father, a medieval scholar, has passed away, and they have no means to support themselves. When one of the sisters discovers a copy of The Matrimonial News, a periodical devoted to facilitating mail-order matches, she convinces the other three to place an ad with her. The sisters stipulate that they must find men from the same town, so they will at least have each other as neighbors and support. An answer comes quickly from Wyoming Territory. When the ladies arrive in the little town of Sagebrush hoping to find their knights-in-shining-armor, they are disappointed in the serfs who greet them. While technically neighbors, the ranches are so far apart, the Gerhard sisters will have to learn to trust God and their new husbands if they are going to survive in the West.

Knight and Day: EVELYN GERHARD STANFORD, eldest of the Gerhard sisters and a Civil War widow, keeps the knowledge of her ten-year-old son a secret from her prospective groom. Resentful that God made her a widow with a baby on the way, now ten years later she is angry that God would force her to move so far away and marry a stranger to survive. When she arrives in Sagebrush with her son in tow, she’s shocked to realize her groom forgot to mention his ten-year-old daughter. Where her son is bookish and quiet, his daughter is a mischievous hoyden, and Evelyn and GARETH KITTRICK are as opposite as the children. While she tries to teach Gareth’s daughter some manners, Gareth tries to teach Evelyn’s son what it means to be a man. And all the while, they are learning to be a family.

Lady in Waiting: JANE GERHARD is the invisible sister, the plain one. Overlooked, she longs to be special to someone. But the man she weds is a workaholic who spends all his time on the range. HARRISON GARVEY’S father has made him a wager. If he can’t double his ranch’s production within three years, he has to abandon his dream of being a rancher and move back east. And his time is running out. Jane tries to win Harrison’s attention by being the best rancher’s wife she can be, but it isn’t until she works herself to exhaustion and Harrison must tend to her that she learns he’d give up the ranch if it meant winning her love.

Shining Armor:GWENDOLYN GERHARD, the youngest of the Gerhard girls is shocked to find out the man she intended to marry has died while she journeyed to meet him. Even more shocking is the fact that he was over seventy years old. His grandson, MATTHEW PARKER, shows up in Sagebrush determined to send the woman home, convinced she was a gold-digger preying on a dying old man. When he learns that she has no family to return to, he has no choice but to marry her and take her back to his ranch. But that doesn’t mean he intends to fall in love with her. He’s fighting a losing battle against the charming, sweet Gwendolyn until he finds out his grandfather intended him to marry her all along. Gwendolyn must convince Matthew that her love for him is real and that she wasn’t in collusion with his grandfather.

On A White ChargerEMELINE GERHARD has long dreamed of living on a ranch and learning to ride horses, herd cattle, and cook over a campfire. She’s thrilled to be heading to Sagebrush. Imagine her surprise when her cowboy turns out to have a ranch all right. A sheep ranch. With gentle persistence, JOSEPH BARRETT shows Emeline the reality of life in the west, and the special bond between a shepherd and his sheep. When area cattlemen threaten the flock, Emeline and Joseph band together—with the help of her sisters and their husbands—to save their ranch.


  1. Yay, congrats! And the stories sound fun!

  2. Congratulations, Erica!

  3. Great sounding stories, Erica! I don't usually read much in the way of short stories (although I enjoyed the Log Cabin Christmas Collection), but I like how these ones are all tied together. Congrats on having another set of edits behind you. :)