Sunday, June 03, 2012

June Goals

These days I'm feeling a little 'Koala-ish.' Slow moving, contemplative, content to hang out.

Mostly because for the first time in a long time, I'm not under a deadline. I don't have a specific project to work on. Suddenly, I'm at a bit of a loose end.

At first, I thought this might be depressing, aimless, unfruitful. But over the past two days, I've got to say, not having a specific word count or editing goal to get in each day has freed up my mind to wander around in search of new story ideas.

A week ago, I had nothing. No ideas, no sparks, nothing keeping my attention.

Now I have three different series ideas all warring in my head. Title ideas, characters, occupations, settings, motivations, goals, conflicts.


But I know myself. I'd be content to wander around on imagination island all summer, then turn around and wonder where the time went and what I got accomplished. So I need to set some specific goals re these story ideas.

So here are my goals for the month of June:

1. Complete a proposal for the Southern Princesses series, including the first three chapters of book one.

2. Content/copy edits on my novella collection Sagebrush Knights, which should arrive sometime this month.

3. Continue to compost the North Star Detective Agency and Dr. Elliot series ideas for future proposals.

4. Keep sewing on the Red Cross Signature Quilt.

How about you? Are you pressing on with your goals this summer?


  1. Hoping to be through second round edits on my WIP. And I'm wondering how it'll go for me next year when for the first time in 10 years I'll have some legitimate free time while my kiddos are all in school.
    ~ Wendy

  2. June is a big goal month for me. I plan on revamping my blog some to make it more like a website. I am going to try to make some big progress on my new story and hopefully I'll get some new photos for my pages. Good luck with your goals!

  3. Taking the pressure off can allow the brain more freedom to be creative, and it sounds like that's worked really well for you. I hope we're going to hear more about your new ideas.

    I love summertime because so many time commitment are eased. My summer goals involve work on (and hopefully finishing) a w.i.p. and also creating a contest entry. The latter's deadline is early September, and I think it will be my main focus for June. Then I can spend the rest of the summer on revisions.