Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Wild Wednesday

We've gotten the verdict on my husband's car. There's no fix to it. A part that broke cannot be replaced without major, major, MAJOR work, and the car is 16 years old. It's totaled.

Sad. We like the old green car. It has served us faithfully.

Enter a complication. We were in the market for a nice used car for our daughter to drive while she was home from college this summer. Also, our son is enrolled in driver's ed. We were going to get a zippy little economy car so we'd have more options when it came to wheels.

So now that my husband's car is toast, what do we do? My car is 9 years old. Do we get something new (ish) and I pass my car on to my husband? If we do that, do we still get another economy car for the kids?

Here we were, kinda messing around with the idea of another car, and now we might need two?

Sigh. As long as one of them is red, I guess it will be okay.

How about you? Do you have old cars? Do you have a red car?


  1. Our cars aren't that old, but we rack up lots of miles. My car is around 135,000 mi and Himself's car is close to that. We'rehing the cars can roll along another two years until The Young One graduates college. Maybe by then we'll be able to afford car payments. Car for the kids? They can buy their own

  2. Oh and color doesn't much matter as long as it rolls

  3. I drove a green Pontiac Grand Am for 12 years. I got my drivers license with that car, so many significant memories were attached to it. I drive a blue car now, but I wish they still made pink ones.

  4. Old cars? Yup. We have three of 'em. Gwynly has a pale primrose (yellow) 1968 MGB that he's owned since 1970. "Midge" predates me by a number of years. He loves that car! I've been known to say that she's his blonde and I'm his brunette.

    Our second set of wheels is a Ford Escort wagon we've had since 1993. Talk about a reliable car. We've hardly had to do anything to it, and yet it just keeps going and going.

    Gwynly drives the two cars mentioned above. And me? I have a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac. When I first got it--the second one in town--I referred to it as my Chick Truck. These days I see guys driving them all the time, so I figure I'm more of a he-woman than I thought. =)

  5. Old cars - yep
    Red cars - yep
    Could use another one for the summer

  6. We have been - and will shortly be, if not already - in the same spot.

    In Dec., our 99 Toyota Sienna [with 193K miles on it] died a miserable death. Replaced it with an 06 Sienna that night ;). It 'only' has 94K miles.

    DH's car is a 92 Toyota Camry with 243K miles on it. He drives about 350-400 miles a week [and that's just the 'have to' miles - anything extra is over and above that]. It's started making a noise in the last few days though so we're sort of seriously in the market. The newer Camry we'd looked at online today is already sold [:p], but they have a 97 with about 82K on it. He'd much rather have something newer [mostly the newer body style b/c of well, let's call it fairly petty reasons that I fully understand and kind of have myself but at the same time it's a great deal and I'd rather have the great deal with the low[ish - for us] miles than the newer body style...] Our plan is to keep it until the oldest starts driving in /eek!/ 5.5 years and let her buy it off of us ;).

    Er right.

    Old van = green
    New van = silver
    Current car = gold
    Possible new car = beige

    Good luck!

  7. We try to keep one "good" vehicle that will hold all 9 of us (when the 2 college kids are home). It is a 2002 RED 12 passenger van. Then we have 3 old cars/minivans (age range--1994 to 1997) that we run and run and run until they bite the dust (or get mighty close). We have had quite a few Escorts....they seem to run well, get good gas mileage (during the school year we put at least 100 miles per day on the cars), and are fairly cheap to fix. One of the current Escorts is PUPRLE. My high school daughter loves driving it. Still would like to have a pick up again sometime in the future. The college boy has his own truck, but may finally decide he needs something smaller so he can get better gas mileage. The college daughter just borrows cars as needed...which isn't often (she works on campus during the year and then usually works at a camp during the summer and doesn't need transportation). The high schoolers use whatever we have available at the time.

  8. the very first car I ever had was a hatchback Honda Civic - cherry red....well, except for the rust. :)