Sunday, May 13, 2012

Minnesota NICE!

Tonight it was my privilege to guest speak at the MN-NICE ACFW monthly meeting. This group truly lives up to its name! What a truly NICE group of people.

I spoke on the ABC's of the publishing world. As writers we focus for months and years on honing our craft, learning the lingo of fiction, things like head-hopping and showing vs. telling and black moments.

But when our time for publication comes, we find we've entered a business world with a lingo all its own that we're supposed to know. Contract lingo, publishing house lingo, marketing lingo.

I thought it might be helpful if we talked about some of these terms so this group of writers might be prepared when their publishing opportunity rolled around. We talked about things like Sell In vs. Sell Through and Remainders and Backlists, E-books, Print on Demand, and Advanced Reader Copies.

Lots of questions, lots of discussion, and lots of fun. I hope they reaped some benefit from the discussion. I truly enjoyed this group, and if we can work it out, I'd love to come more often and participate as a group member. Unfortunately, the MN-NICE group meets on the same Sunday night each month that my church Bible study meets. :(

Question for you: Do you belong to a local writer's group?


  1. I think you should talk about these terms on the blog too! :)

    I am part of a writers group and I just love it!

  2. Fun!! I hope a lot of those NICE people come to my book signings this weekend. Would love to meet more ACFWers. :)

    My local ACFW group is actually not very local. It's on the other side of Iowa, which is too long of a drive.

  3. I'm glad you were able to speak to the MN-NICE group. I've met a few of the members online, and they're awesome. I'm sure they enjoyed your presentation.

    I belong to a local writing group called Inspire Christian Writers. Love my talented fellow members.

  4. I agree with Jessica, you should blog about these!

    I am not part of a writers' group, but I would like to be! I am a little fearful. :)

  5. Erica, we'd still love to have you speak to our new chapter if you're ever in the Kansas area. I love your topic. Sounds like something every not-yet-pubbed writer needs.

  6. I am good friends with several members of Minnesota-NICE --connected with them through MBT retreats. How fun that you got to speak to them!
    I have belonged to several local writers groups -- but am taking a break from them right now, since I was on deadline.