Friday, May 18, 2012

Fill In the Blank Friday

This is me with my silly cat, Pookie. I've had her since 2002, and I love her. She is definitely my cat, letting me scoop her up and pet her any way I want to, when she would spit and yowl and squirm if any of my family members tried the same thing. I like cats. Which is odd since I was raised with dogs.

So, the fill in the blank question for you today is: My favorite animal is a _____________ and the animal I would NEVER own is a ______________________.


  1. 1. Dog
    2. Ferret (another type of rat, IMO)

  2. 1. Cat
    2. Dog, (too much work)

  3. 1. Dog (which we don't have and I don't think Ann will allow one)
    2. Cat (which we do own and I don't think Ann will allow me to get rid of it in the manner which would bring me most delight, bwahahahaha…oh, sorry, got carried away there)

  4. Muppet "Animal". I would never own a cat.

    I'm not an animal person, but I wish I were. I do have a dog. I tolerate her. ;) You guys look more than the cat! ;)

  5. My favorite animal is an otter and I would never own a ferret. (I took care of a friend's ferrets once. Can you say "fleas?")

  6. 1. Dogs (usually multiples because I breed and show them and they take over our lives.)
    2. Any kind of reptile. Absolutely, positively will never own a snake or lizard!