Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fill In The Blank Friday

Two Fridays ago I asked the question: What is your favorite memory of an elementary school guest speaker? I loved your answers! Thanks for playing along. 

My answer to the question is: We had a lady come and show us how to card and spin wool into yarn. I was so impressed that she could take a lump of greasy, dirty sheep hair and make it into soft balls of fluffy yarn. And those carding tools were wicked cool! 

Today's Fill in the blank Friday question is...

My Biggest Driving Pet Peeve Is _______________________. C'mon, fess up. What is it that other drivers do that drives you buggy? 


  1. Get right up on my bumper. Can't stand it.

    Beep. Beep.
    ~ Wendy

  2. Oh boy..Just one huh? Well, I guess I would be the person on Wendy's bumper and she would be the person that drives me nuts......Not going the full speed limit.

    I can't stand going 65 when its 70. I just want to drive...why can't they just all get out of the way?:)

    That being said, I don't speed. Really, I don't. I have never gotten a speeding ticket, or any moving violation ticket. I just want to drive at the speed the law allows.

    And living in a rural community and following more ginormous tractors than I can count, hasn't helped any.

  3. It's what I call the "Colorado Merge."
    I'm merging onto the highway and I have p-l-e-n-t-y of room ... until the person coming up in the lane speeds up even faster and stops me from being able to merge easily. I either have to hit the accelerate like a race car driver or merge on to the shoulder (that's just wrong! ) or slow way-down ...

  4. Ugh...I hate it when people drive on the shoulder during traffic to cut in line up ahead. It's against the law, for one thing! And it makes me want to pull my car out and let them hit me.

    I also hate getting behind someone who refuses to go the speed limit. I don't wanna speed. I just want to go the speed limit. Is it too much to ask?

    Sigh...driving brings out my evil side.