Sunday, April 29, 2012


This past weekend, my son and I made a project of cleaning and polishing the dining room floor. Over the 16 years we've lived in this home, I've used mops, commercial scrubbers, sponges, steamers, and so much more trying to keep that floor clean.

When we built this house, we chose the vinyl flooring for the kitchen/dining room because it was nice looking and it was on special at the flooring store. Armstrong vinyl, a special buy. It's white and light gray.

Yeah, white. What was I thinking? I had a 5 year old and a 1 year old when we moved in, and that floor has never been the same since they laid it.

But through the years, I've battled it. Scrubbing and mopping, stripping and polishing. The steam mop seemed to do the best job, but nothing really got it shiny-clean.

But this weekend, thanks to a lot of elbow grease and some magic erasers, we got the entire floor scrubbed down. The build-up came off, and the gray/dark gray floor became the white/light gray floor I remember! Once it was all scrubbed, I mopped it, then put two coats of polish on. It's so shiny and bright!

Which of course, put me in mind of writing. This month, I'm engaged in a scrubbing up/polishing of a manuscript. This is the story of my heart, a novel that is so dear to me. I love the characters, the story-line, and the emotions I feel when I read it make my heart sing.

I'm scrubbing hard, stripping away gray haze and hopefully polishing to a glorious shine the story I love. It's taking serious mental 'elbow-grease,' but I love the work. I believe in this story.

How about you? What are you working on right now? Are you polishing anything up?


  1. I love that you're working on the story of your heart, Erica. Happy polishing!

  2. Whew! That sounds like a ton of work, but how cool that your son helped you.

    No polishing for me right now. I am dreaming of something new. :)

  3. Hard work brings great reward! How's your back today? Man it hurt mine thinking about it.

    I'm polishing and starting a new non-fiction project!

  4. Digging into the grime currently. First round edits. My fingers are covered in filth. :D
    ~ Wendy

  5. I'm working on my second book's manuscript now. I'll be polishing it (or should I say, sanding with a coarse grinder :-) ) next month.

  6. I love that phrase, "the story of my heart." awesome is that? I'm waiting on edits from the publisher on the story of my heart. So very excited to learn and grow to make it the best possible!

  7. That's so exciting! The usual satisfaction writing brings must be ramped up into real joy as you write this one. :)

    I'm working on a better ending for my current w.i.p. I had one in mind, but the story took some detours en route, and now I'm coming at the ending from a different direction. I'm looking forward to getting into the polishing stage soon. There's nothing like the gleam of a well polished anything... including floors.