Friday, April 13, 2012

The Friday Five

I want to get to know you better, so I'm going to let you fill in the blanks:

1. When I go to the grocery store, I always get ______________ and I never buy ___________.

2. The first thing I do in the morning is ____________________.

3. The computer game I play the most often is _______________________.

4. My favorite breakfast cereal is _____________ but I don't like _____________________.

5. My guilty pleasure TV show is _______________________.

Lemme know a little bit about you.


  1. (1) Chocolate // Mayonnaise
    (2) Hit the Snooze Button on my Alarm
    (3) Microsoft Word 2010 (I don't play games on my compy, but I do use MW to write in my current WIP)
    (4) Fruit Loops // Raisin Bran
    (5) Doctor Who and Destination Truth

  2. 1. Milk, onions
    2. micturate
    3. I I don't usually play computer games, butI've been playing a bubble burst game.
    4. Flavored, shredded miniwheats, Yucky Charms
    5. Touch

  3. 1. salad greens; shellfish
    2. check for a cat before throwing back the covers
    3. find the elusive email message I know I saved somewhere
    4. mushy oatmeal with brown sugar; anything with raisins in it
    5. The only shows I watch on TV are Wheel and Jeopardy. My hubby and I are big Netflix fans and get our shows that way.

  4. How fun!

    1. Milk, fish
    2. Go to the bathroom :) Then I exercise!
    3. Haven't played in forever. The Sims.
    4. Honey Nut Cheerios, anything chocolate (like Count Chocula or whatever they have now)
    5. Sweet Genius. Yum!

  5. This is my first visit to your blog - I love the set-up with your books on top. What beautiful covers! Okay, let's see if I can answer these questions.

    1. milk, sardines
    2. read my Bible and spend time with God.
    3. I don't play computer games - my vice is wasting time on the internet instead (although I did try out Angry Birds and kept going until the levels got too hard.)
    4. cracklin oat bran/shredded wheat
    5. Survivor

  6. karen9:59 AM

    1. Milk. Beets
    2. Get my Coffffeeee!!
    3. Bejeweled Blitz
    4. Oatmeal. Lucky Charms, or any sugary cereal
    5. NCIS

  7. 1. Eggs. Cabbage.
    2. Read my devotional.
    3. Solitaire (I'm more of an Xbox girl!)
    4. Honey Bunches O' Oats. Fiber One.
    5. Transformers

  8. 1. Milk. Kale.
    2. Break up a fight between the kids.
    3. Don't play computer games.
    4. Golden Grahams. Healthy cereal.
    5. The Bachelor.

    Happy Friday, E!

  9. 1. Diet Dr. Pepper/Fish
    2. What CJ said...then make coffee
    3. Lately, I've been playing some Angry Birds
    4. Lucky Charms/Raisin Bran
    5. Castle!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now where are YOUR answers, Erica?

  10. 1. creamer/ SPAM
    2. Pee
    3. I don't play computer games.
    4. Kashi Cinnamon Shredded Wheat/Fruity Pebbles
    5. Vampire Diaries

    Yeah, where are YOUR answers?! :)

  11. How fun is this??

    1. milk/coffee
    2. open my eyes (har, har, har!), okay seriously - pray
    3. I don't play computer games, but I went through a phase where I was obsessed with Sims
    4. anything sugary/anything bran
    5. The Vampire Diaries!!

  12. Fun!

    1. When I go to the grocery store, I always get milk (for the guys, not me) and I never buy cheap toilet paper.

    2. The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth.

    3. The computer game I play the most often is "how much time can I possibly waste before I get back to work." :)

    4. My favorite breakfast cereal is Frosted Mini Wheats but I don't like All Bran.

    5. My guilty pleasure TV show is The Voice.

  13. Always buy salad fixin's, never buy Spam (borrowed fro,m Jessica!)
    First thing I do is say "This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it." Almost every day.
    Solitare, as almost all the other games have strings attached.
    Frosted Flakes, anything with raisins
    I love Project Runway!

  14. 1. Salad makings, always includes a green pepper // Never buy shellfish (hubby is allergic).
    2. Stumble to the family room where hubby silently intercepts me with a glass of orange juice.
    3. Don't play games much ... sometimes take a break with Solitaire or Scrabble.
    4. Rarely eat breakfast but like Granola // dislike any of the sweetened flavoured cereals for kids.
    5. Heartland.

    Now, as Sherrinda said, where's your list??? :)