Friday, April 20, 2012

Fill In The Blank Friday

I can't tell you how much fun last week's Friday post was. Your answers were great! I will fill in my answers here, then ask another handful of questions.

1. When I go to the grocery store, I always get CEREAL and I never buy SEAFOOD.

2. The first thing I do in the morning is PUT ON MY GLASSES.

3. The computer game I play the most often is SPIDER SOLITAIRE.

4. My favorite breakfast cereal is GRAPE NUTS but I don't like SHREDDED WHEAT.

5. My guilty pleasure TV show is SURVIVOR.

The fill in the blank questions for today all have to do with elementary school.

1. My favorite K-12 teacher was ____________ because he/she ______________________.

2. My best friend in elementary school was ___________________.

3. The worst food from the school cafeteria was ________________.

4. At recess, my favorite thing to do was ________________.

5. After school we raced home so we could __________________.

So there you have it. Fill in the blanks, and next Friday, I'll let you know my answers. :) Happy Weekend!


  1. 1. Mrs. Estes because she loved me. Just loved me as a child not b/c I rocked first grade!

    2. Tara Anselment

    3. Spaghetti.

    4. Sit by the doors and talk with friends.

    5. Talk on the phone! (which I hate now lol)

    This was fun! My heart still aches that you don't eat seafood! LOL

  2. 1. My high school history teacher, Mr. Jacobs/because he let us act out historic events in class and gave me a vivid love of events of the past.

    2. Jennifer

    3. Not sure. My mom always packed our lunch so I never ate cafeteria food.

    4. Walk around with my girlfriends...yes, sometimes we chased boys. (Silly. But I understand it now when I see my daughter doing it.) :)

    5. Not be at school. LOL

  3. These are fun posts, Erica.

    1. My sixth grade teacher, Mr. Moore, who encouraged me to pursue my dream of writing and allowed me to write a play that our class recorded on an old reel-to-reel tape recorder. Yes, I'm that old!

    2. Do you seriously expect me to remember the name of it, Erica? That's ancient history. It was the one in Porterville, California where Mr. Moore taught. Those were hard years for my family, and school was my sanctuary.

    3. The fruity dessert cobbler thingies. I'm not a fan of pies and such to this day.

    4. Play jacks. I was pretty good at the game, although getting all ten jacks in my little hands was a challenge.

    5. Read!!!

  4. OK, I just saw the others answers to #2 and realized I read the questions wrong. It wasn't favorite elementary school. It's favorite best friend in elementary school. Duh! I blame my goof on the fact that I couldn't put Rosslyn Elliott's latest book down, stayed up until 2 a.m. so I could finish it, and am now sleep deprived, thanks to Sweeter Than Birdsong.

    My best friend in elementary school was Tandy Sasser. We were inseparable during my fourth grade year.

  5. 1. Mrs. Schulz because she was so pretty, and she played guitar and sang an Aloha song to us.

    2. Lauren

    3. Canned peas

    4. Play jacks (looks like I was on the same page as Keli - we have had a couple of jacks tournaments with our family when our kids were older and all enjoyed it, including my husband!)

    5. Watch Star Trek

  6. 1. Mrs. Aronson/always read my stories out loud to the class.

    2. Melissa Mooney!!!

    3. the rectangular pizza!

    4. four-square

    5. play outside

  7. 1. Mr. Murphy, senior honors English. He was so entertaining.

    2. Pam

    3. Hamburg Fricassee which I called Dirt From Pipes

    4. Chinese jump rope

    5. Watch Dark Shadows

  8. 1. Mrs. Thweet, because I could say her name correctly when I lost both front teeth. :)

    2. Sandy Konop

    3. I don't know...I took my lunch every day!

    4. Swing!!!

    5. Play in the treehouse and make mud pizzas with acorn meat topping.