Monday, February 06, 2012

A new E-Book Initiative from Barbour

I'm so excited about a new development regarding Heartsong Romance titles from Barbour. Recently, Barbour sold the Heartsong Presents imprint to Harlequin Romance, which left the authors (and I'm sure the readers) with lots of questions about what would happen both to the backlist of Heartsong titles and the future of the line.

Good news! The line will continue under the direction of the staff at Harlequin as a direct to consumer book club publishing four titles per month.


Barbour is rebranding backlist Heartsong titles under the new series title TRULY YOURS and will be reissuing 24 titles per month as e-books! Covers and interiors will be freshened up to make them more e-book friendly, and a variety of newer releases and older titles will be offered each month, both contemporary and historical. Titles that haven't been available for many years will now be available wherever e-books are sold.

Each title will cost approximately $4.99, and there will be lots of promotional pricing and deals to be had as this new line launches.

Truly Yours ebooks will also be available to libraries too.

I'm so excited about these developments.  As a novice kindle owner, I can't wait to download some Truly Yours titles by some of my favorite authors.


  1. I'm excited about the E-books too! I'm sure my Kindle will be filled up in no time :)

  2. That is awesome! And what a great way for Barbour to move with the times. It will benefit them and their authors and the readers!

  3. I haven't been keeping up with news on the sale (I know, bad girl) so thanks for giving us some specifics here. It's interesting and exciting!

  4. Yes, good news! I'm beginning to fall more and more in love with my Kindle Fire too.
    ~ Wendy

  5. Thanks for the update, Erica. I'm glad readers will be able to get the previously published HP titles as e-books. Makes me glad my hubby bought me that Kindle.

  6. This is great news! Especially since I have a brand new box on my kitchen table with my very first Kindle Fire inside. Can't wait to bust it open and start downloading!

  7. What great news, Erica!! I'm so glad they didn't just nix the line. Yay! Heartsongs available for everyone!

  8. I still haven't invested in an eReader, but I know they're popular, so this will be good news for many people.