Monday, December 12, 2011


When e-readers first emerged, I was anti. I mean, I'm a card carrying bibliophile. I love the look, feel, smell, and everything else about books.

I've been known to rearrange a bookshelf, just to have a reason to touch all the books. When a person on TV is being interviewed sitting in front of a bookshelf, I ignore the interview and try to figure out the titles of the books behind them. 

And, I wanted to wait to see which ebook reader came out tops in the race. After all, who wants to be the only kid on the block with a Beta player, when VHS rules the world, right? 

Then I had the opportunity to get a Kindle for free. Yep, for free. A bank in my town was running an offer. Open a checking account at their bank, park $50 bucks at their bank for six months, and BAM! Free Kindle.

So I did. I figured, what do I have to lose?

Two days after opening the account, I was holding my Kindle in my hot little hands. That was about a month ago. 

First thing I did was go out and get a zippy red cover for it and a book light.

Then I came home and downloaded some free books, and then some books I paid for. 

Then I started reading. Oh, my! I thought it would take me a little bit of time to adjust to reading on the little screen, but after only a couple of minutes, I was engrossed in the story and forgot I was reading on a Kindle. 

So, what have I gleaned from this experience?

1. It's still all about the story. Regardless of format, as long as the story world sucks me in, I'm a happy girl.

2. If I am any indication, people who have e-readers will buy more books than those who don't. It's probably psychological, but I found the purchase process much easier than going to a brick and mortar store and forking over moola and carrying a book out of the store, and, can you say instant gratification? I ordered a book online, and BAM! it was Whisper-synced to my Kindle in seconds.

3. I need to stop being afraid of ebooks. I was afraid I wouldn't receive the same gratification, the same excitement, the same fulfillment from an ebook. What I learned is, my emotions can be touched by lots of different media. I cry at movies, tap my toes to great movies, and great writing grabs my attention whether on paper or on my e-reader.

How about you? Do you have a e-reader? Are you a fan? 


  1. I once dreamed of having a library in my own home. Like the library in an old movie. Wall to wall books, floor to ceiling with a ladder that ran around the room. The dollhouse doesn't have the space for such luxury, but with an e-reader, I can have my entire library with me.

  2. Yeah, I used to be a little afraid and rebellious, but now I'm embracing them...asking for a Kindle Fire from Santa. ;)
    ~ Wendy

  3. I have a Kindle, but I've only read one book on it so far. Like you, Erica, I was surprised at how quickly I adapted to it. I envision reading more books on it, but I'm still working my way through the TBR mountain of paper books I have waiting for me.

    I loaned my Kindle to our college daughter for her Christmas break. What fun it was to gift her books with the click of a button on Amazon's website as an end-of-quarter surprise. Easy peasy!

  4. I have a Kindle and I LOVE it! I also love that most of the Classic Literature is listed on Amazon for FREE. I have over a hundred books on my Kindle currently, and I think I may have only paid for 3 of them.

    (Thank you for following my blog, Erica!)

  5. I won a Kindle too. I sorta wanted one, but didn't want to buy it. That seemed like an act of betrayal. :)

    I now have 139 books on that little gizmo. :) I still prefer books, and still love going to bookstores, but hey! nothing wrong with carrying my entire library in my purse.

  6. I like to read paper copies the best, especially when doing a review. Kindles are great for a relaxing read. I'd choose a book first.

  7. I was pretty against e-Readers to begin with, too. But I got one for free as well and wasn't about to shun e-Books then! I haven't read a lot on it yet, but I think that's because I feel guilty leaving all my paperbacks (the ones I haven't read) sitting on my shelf.

  8. I like my Kindle app on my Android phone. Screens a bit small but it's nice to have a book on the go. For me, though, it doesn't replace the real thing. Although a REAL Kindle might sway me ...

  9. Yes, I have a kindle and I like it but I still love books in print. And there's just something about having a book that is tangible in your hands, that is just not there with the kindle. Like the virtual books are great but not the same. Thought I do love my kindle. Sounds like you're having fun with it :)

  10. I thought my husband was getting me pearls for my birthday...instead, I got a Nook! I think I would have preferred a Kindle, but I'll admit it's nice to sit and read a free book when I'm at Barnes & Noble (which is often since the mall's within walking distance and there's a play area right outside the door for my daughter).

    I still love paper books, though...I guess it's just nice to have options and, as you said, instant gratification.

    I'm still looking for those pearls, though...

  11. I don't have a kindle yet, but I do have it on my computer and have read two novellas. I do think a real kindle would be better on the eyes.

    I do love paper books--the covers, the pages, using a bookmark!

  12. I absolutely LOVE my Kindle! I have over 200 books...some are free, some I bought. I don't know how I will ever read them all, but I love knowing that I have a new book at my fingertips anytime I want!

  13. I'm a fan of the eReader! And I do buy more books because it's at my fingertips. I don't have to take a drive anywhere, although, I still love bookstores and sitting down thumbing through books while sipping a cup of joe!

    And I can send my mss to beta readers this way! :) Very cool!

  14. I don't have an eReader... yet. I have the kindle app on my laptop along with several eBooks but I haven't read a single one of them all the way through yet. I use my laptop *a lot*, so I'm not sure why I don't get around to reading them.

    I researched the various options last summer when my daughter was trying to decide which to buy, and the Kindle and Nook Color came out almost tied. (She bought a Kindle.) If I had the funds to splurge, I'd go for the Kindle Fire. But I'm afraid it isn't going to happen any time soon. I'm sure you're right though... regardless of the medium, the story will always be what's important.