Monday, November 07, 2011

NaNo Week Two Realities

First, Jeannie Campbell has a new review of A Bride's Portrait of Dodge City, Kansas up on her blog, Thank You, Jeannie!!!!

Second, the entire NaNo world was on fire this week. Great word counts, enthusiasm, write-ins, totems, word wars, #1k1hr and more. Riding the crest of this wave, I put almost 12K words on my novel. The little red wordcount bar slid to the right. Yay!

Now we enter week two. And it's hard. The euphoria of the first few days has evaporated, and the realization hits. This. Is. Hard. Work.

The plot you were so in love with develops snarls. The characters you thought you knew inside and out suddenly develop personality quirks hitherto unforeseen. And don't even mention the serious cloud of writer's doubt that hovers over your head.

So what's a girl to do?

The same as always. Sit in the chair, get the document open, and power through. When not writing, ruminate on the plot and unkink the kinks. Explore the new-found complexities of your characters and find a way to weave them into the story. Oh, and put on your blinders, muffle the internal editor and the doubt monkeys who are eating away at your confidence, and plow on.

By the time you get to week three and you're on the downhill side of of 50K, you'll have momentum, and things that were a problem in week two cease to matter.

So, how'd you do in week one, and what are your plans for having a successful week two?

And third, on another really fun note, this week is the kickoff to a really fun blog hop for the authors of A Log Cabin Christmas Collection.

We're giving away two copies of A Log Cabin Christmas SIGNED BY ALL 9 AUTHORS, one for the winner to keep and one for the winner to give as a Christmas gift.  You can read all about the contest rules and information by clicking HERE.

Here's the lineup for the next couple of weeks:

11/7: Jane Kirkpatrick: Words of Encouragement, Introduction of contest

11/8: Liz Johnson: I write about love and such, topic unknown

11/9: Wanda Brunstetter (Guest on Jane’s blog): Words of Encouragement

11/10: Liz Tolsma: Heart, Soul & Splash of Sass, “How I decorate for Christmas & maybe recipe that is mentioned in story”

11/11: Michelle Ule: Finding God’s Fingerprints in Everyday Life, real Rev Thomas Hanks and how my family history figured in the writing of the story

11/12 & 11/13: weekend break

11/14: Margaret Brownley (Guest on Jane’s blog): Words of Encouragement, topic Unknown

11/15: Erica Vetsch: Erica Vetsch: On the Write Path My research trip to a logging camp in the MN North Woods

11/16: Debra Ullrick: Debra Ullrick

11/17: Jane Kirkpatrick: Words of Encouragement, Bible quilt blocks in my Courting Quilt story and a little of how the idea came about

11/18: Erica Vetsch: Erica Vetsch: On the Write Path The Friday Five, Five Christmas Recipes

11/19: Kelly Eileen Hake

11/21: Jane Kirkpatrick: Words of Encouragement, Contest Winner announcement

You must go to the contest page to enter to win, then comment on each stop on the blog hop. It doesn't matter when you join the hop, you can backtrack, but it will be easiest to join right now and follow it every day.

Happy NaNo-ing, and I hope you enjoy the blog tour.


  1. I'm halfway through Bride's portrait and really enjoying it Erica!

    And you're right - when the shine wears off, we're still here, sitting in our chairs, type-type-typing away. At least we're supposed to be.

  2. I miss the point in time when I thought my story idea was the most brilliant idea I've ever had. It went from the best to the worst within a week, but this happens to me with every book. I've learned to stick with it and by the time I'm finished it will end up somewhere in the middle. :) Happy NaNoWriMo!

  3. Good luck to you Erica. Write, write, write!

  4. Kudos on your word count, Erica!

    The Log Cabin Christmas blog tour sounds like fun. I hope you plan to tweet the links each day so I don't miss them.

  5. Best wishes on your word count.

    I look forward to reading A Bride's Portrait. I just won a copy from Sarah Forgrave. So excited!

  6. I was so not meant to do NaNo this year, but I bet I get a good 30K in even after no power for a week. Go. Go. Go. I missed writing!
    ~ Wendy

  7. Great job on your word count! I'm not doing NaNo but I have a personal goal to increase my word count this week :)

  8. Hi Erica, I just wanted to drop by and let you know that I awarded you blog award and you can pick it up at my blog Great blog :)