Friday, November 11, 2011

A Log Cabin Friday Five

Today's stop on the Log Cabin Christmas Collection blog hop is:

11/11: Michelle Ule: Finding God’s Fingerprints in Everyday Life

Be sure to stop by Jane Kirkpatrick's blog to see the contest rules and tour stops.

So, this week's Friday Five is:

Five log cabin words.

Puncheon: A split log or heavy slap with the face smoothed. Used in making floors and tabletops.

Cant: A log with one or more squared sides. Also the curved bark and outer edge that is cut off. Sawmills often sell cants for firewood. They square up the log so they can cut flat boards on the saw.

Chinking: The space between the logs, also the plaster/mud used to fill the spaces.

Adze: A cutting tool with a thin, arched blade that is set at a right angle to the handle. Used for shaping logs.

Peavy: A lumberman's tool. A long pole with a pivoting hooked arm and spike at the end. Also called a Cant Dog. Similar to a cant hook, but a peavy is spiked at the end, where a cant hook is blunt.

Question for you: Thanksgiving is coming up in a couple of weeks. Are you traveling for Thanksgiving? How are you doing on your NaNo goals? Was week two a success for you?


  1. oooh, new crossword puzzle words. Thanksgiving plans are up in the air.




  3. Thanks for explaining the log cabin terms, Erica. I wondered about a couple of them when I read your novella in A Log Cabin Christmas.

    Our college daughter is coming home for Thanksgiving, which will make our celebration complete.

  4. Well, I think Im one of the 10 writers in the US not participating in NaNo, but I am working away on projects despite being on vacation. We will get home just in time to plan Thanksgiving dinner at my house. Hopefully there will be lots of grandchildren sitting around my table!
    Happy Holiday!