Thursday, November 10, 2011

Log Cabin Blog Hop

This is a picture of the log cabin church I used in my novella, Christmas Service, the ninth story in the Log Cabin Christmas Collection.

Today is day four of the blog hop, and if you haven't joined in yet, please do! The winner will get TWO signed copies of A Log Cabin Christmas Collection, signed by all nine of the authors.

You'll also get a closer look at some of the research that went into these stories, as well as getting to know the authors better.

Today's stop is: 11/10: Liz Tolsma: Heart, Soul & Splash of Sass,


  1. It's fun to see the cabin you used as a model for the church in your Log Cabin Christmas story. I can envision all the fun--and a little mayhem--that took place in that tiny structure and the laughter that rang out.

  2. That's a cool inspiration photo. I'll hop on over to that link!

  3. Love the photo.

    Going to check out the hop.