Monday, October 17, 2011

My ACFW Conference Experience

Okay, here's the scoop on why my ACFW post is late this year:
I lost my camera at the conference, and every time I tried to go to the lost and found at the registration desk, it was CLOSED! Thankfully, Mary Connealy rescued my camera from oblivion by reclaiming it for me while I was meeting my agent in the coffee shop. Now I have the pictures, and I can show you a glimpse of the terrific time I had.
The adorable Ruthy Logan Herne, who is so feisty and hilarious and sweet. She's seated with the lovely Cara Lynn James, who writes historical romance and has a set of the most beautiful book covers ever! (The top of the head along the side...that's Mary Connealy trying to photo-bomb my picture!)

Pepper Basham (Dual Genesis Finalist!) and Audra Harders. I have to take a moment here to say how kind and lovely Audra is. Such a sweetie! 

This is Casey Herringshaw, who, I'm pretty sure the character of Tinkerbell was patterned after. She's so tiny and adorable. She's a voracious reader and book reviewer, and a fine writer in her own right. I have a feeling the Christian Fiction world is going to be hearing from Casey pretty soon. She's got a contagious enthusiasm.

My publisher, Barbour Publishing, took their authors on a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi! This is Valerie Comer, fellow Barbour author and a Canadian. :)

This is the boat just before departure with the Arch in the background. That's Keli Gwyn on the staircase. :)

This is us on the upper deck chatting and waiting to shove off. The weather was perfect, and the company terrific. Oh, and the food. The folks of St. Louis are onto something with those fried ravioli!

This is one of my favorite pictures, a candid of Keli Gwyn. This was Keli's first publisher's dinner, and I think she had a good time. I'm so looking forward to her debut novel, A Bride Opens Shop in El Dorado, California. 

This is my friend and editor, Aaron McCarver. He is the epitome of a Southern Gentleman to whom chivalry and honor and integrity are as natural as breathing. I'm proud to call him my friend. I just finished reading Lily, penned by Aaron and his co-writer Diane Ashley and due out in 2012. It's a keeper!

The name of our riverboat was the Tom Sawyer. The other riverboat was appropriately named the Becky Thatcher. 

Dinner on the River boat! Clockwise are Rose McCauley, Jennifer Johnson, Ramona Cecil, and Keli Gwyn!

The bookstore asked us to come by and sign our books when we arrived at the conference. Here I'm signing copies of Idaho Brides and The Log Cabin Christmas Collection. It was at the conference that our editor, Becky Germany, informed us that the Log Cabin Christmas Collection had hit the New York Times Bestseller list! Squee!!! It's such a beautiful book. Lots of folks at my recent book signings picked up the book and commented on how beautiful it is, from the embossing to the foiling to the end paper photograph. I'm so glad to be part of this project!

Me and Beth Goddard and Debby Mayne in the lobby of the hotel.

Me, Heather Sunseri, Katie Ganshert, Jeanne Campbell, and Keli Gwyn. :)

This was my 5th ACFW conference, and I'm already looking forward to Dallas next year! 


  1. Yay! That was so much fun to read and I loved the pics!

    I will see you in Dallas next year! :)

  2. Great pictures, Erica! That riverboat cruise looks amazing! Oh, and don't feel bad about the late post...I'm posting my pictures on Wednesday and I don't even have a lost camera as an excuse! :)

  3. You certainly had a good time! Glad you got your camera back

  4. I love looking at photos, even if I don't know the people in them. Thankfully I knew almost everyone in your photos. Loved meeting you in person, Erica. And congrats again on being a NYT bestselling author!

  5. I learned how to grieve my camera at ACFW.

    Hey, how is it we did not get in one single pic. together! Not right. Soooo not right.
    ~ Wendy

  6. Great pics, Erica!! Brought back great memories!

  7. Nice photos, Erica!

    And I love your "tinkerbell" comment about Casey! She really is such a cutie. She's from Burns Oregon, which is where my son-in-law is from, so it was totally cool to meet her at conference! (she knows his family.)

  8. Late or not, I loved your ACFW pics! Loved them.

  9. I love seeing your pictures and finding familiar names and faces. My favourite Canadian conference is coming up this weekend and I can't get to it either this year -- I'm feeling deprived! I live vicariously through everyone's photos, so thanks for sharing. :)

  10. Tinkerbell huh??

    LOL! I LOVED meeting you Erica, all I can say is: it was about time. ;-)

    Love those pictures!

  11. Thanks for sharing your pictures, Erica. And, yes, I very much enjoyed the cruise because I got to spend the time with YOU. =)