Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Goal Setting for October

Happy October!

It's time for those goals, checking in and resetting.

1. Turn in novella collection Sagebrush Knights. (Yay! I turned in this project, due 11/1 yesterday.)

2. Plot out and begin work on A Bride Sews With Love in Needles, CA. There are 120 days until this ms is due, so I can't waste much time. The story needs to come in at about 80K words. I've got a good synopsis that just needs some fine tuning before I can dive into the story.

3. Re-purpose a synopsis I wrote awhile back for submitting to a different house.

4. Read. My TBR stack is getting tall.

5. Four book signings.

6. Finish up the thank you notes I need to write from the ACFW Conference. (I'll be blogging about the conference next week.)

How about you? What are your October goals?


  1. I'm impressed, 80k in four months is amazing. Is that your normal schedule?

  2. Holy cow! You are one busy woman!!

  3. Oh boy...I'm with Katie! Eeek!
    I started my wip and I'd like to be done by Christmas...I guess I better get moving! lol

  4. I love how your doing this inspires me to do it (and not only for myself, but on someone else's blog so it's out there).

    I need to polish both proposals and keep at it with plotting two new novels...brainstorming which fits my platform more.
    ~ Wendy

  5. Great way to motivate us, Erica. I'd love to know how you get everything done.

    My October is crazy--finish revisions for book 2, plan book launch party for book 1, plot book 3 in prep for NaNo, celebrate 22nd anniversary, celebrate son's 21st birthday. And smile through the insanity. :-)

  6. Hi Erica, stopping by from Jill's to say Hello. I'm starting a manuscript revision this month. I hope to make some headway before the holidays set it ...

  7. You are always so busy, Erica. 120 days to write an 80k novel to be turned in? Wow! You're my hero!