Friday, October 28, 2011

The Friday Five

This week's Friday Five is:

Five really cute Halloween costumes for babies.

1. How cute is this monkey????

2. Love the punkin' costumes. This hat makes the outfit.
 3. Hard to wrong with a Tootsie Roll baby. :)

4. Look at this adorable frog! I love the feet and the big, goggly eyes.
 5. Love the skunk. How cute is that little Mohawk on top?

As a bonus to the Friday Five, here are some costumes you should NEVER put your kids in. I looked at some of these and thought, "If you don't like kids, don't have them! This is just mean!"

Seriously? A turkey?

Sushi baby? ICK!

Yikes. Poor kid. My mom turned me into an exploded feather pillow and kept saying, 'Peep! Peep!' at me. And I didn't even get any candy in my basket. Just eggs!

And the next two were so bad, I couldn't choose between them which was the worst. A whoopie cushion or a joystick. Which would YOU rather be???

And then you have the ketchup bottle. I couldn't decide if this one was cute or not, so I'll let you choose.

Which of the above is your favorite, and which one is the WORST?


  1. Awww, That monkey is my favorite. And the turkey is the worst by far...That's just wrong, lol.

  2. The whoopie cushion is pretty bad but the turkey has my vote. Poor kid. It even looks uncomfortable!

    Cutest is the little pumpkin. I probably think that because a few of my babies were pumpkins at one time or another. :)

  3. The joystick baby cracked me up! It kinda reminded me of a Hammerhead shark too. Fun pics!

  4. What a fun post. Loved Tootsie Roll & skunk baby.

    What was sushi's mom thinking?
    ~ Wendy

  5. Linda7:55 AM

    The tootsie roll baby is my favorite, but all the cute ones are very cute.

    The worst to me (tie) are the turkey and the whoopie cushion.

  6. the punkin' is too precious. The whoopee cushion will guarantee a few good years of therapy.

  7. The Tootsie Roll is the cutest to me, but I like the Monkey too. Not so much for that turkey one. Man, what were they thinking?

  8. The skunk costume is precious! I love it.

  9. Great post! Wow, I'm so blessed that my parents never dressed me up when I was a baby :)

  10. LOVE the frog. Not a fan of the turkey.. kinda creepy! And, I am now officially tempted to buy one of these for my babies...and rush ship it for Halloween. :)

  11. I like the skunk and monkey. The turkey is a no-go for me.

  12. Karen4:32 PM

    IF one just has to costume their baby, I guess I'd vote for the Tootsie Roll. The ketchup one would be "ok."

    I finished A Bride's Portrait of DC,K. I thoroughly enjoyed it (as I have all your other books). So great to have a chance to visit with you at your book signing in Maple Grove.