Friday, October 21, 2011

The Friday Five

I asked my family what I should post for The Friday Five this week, and my eldest child said "The top  5 things on your Christmas list."

(I suspect she has an ulterior motive here, as she mentioned that she would be checking it out when it posted. :D So here it is, darlin'!)

So the top 5 things on my Christmas List this year:

1. A KINDLE. (Note the position of this on the list and the fact that it is in capital letters. :D Hint, hint...okay, fairly blatant request!)

2. Numb3rs season 4. I have seasons 1-3 and season three leaves you hanging on a real cliff!

3. A kid-friendly nativity set. I love nativity sets and collect them. It was brought to my attention recently that I don't have one that is okay for kids to play with.

4. A John MacArthur study Bible in the ESV.

5. The Civil War 3 volume set by Shelby Foote, or William Folwell's History of Minnesota in Four Volumes.

My husband thinks I'm hard to buy for, so I hope this helps him out. :)

How about you? What is on your Christmas list?


  1. One of my kids has the Little People Nativity Set - it's way cute :D.

  2. You know, I watched a couple episodes of Numbers and liked it, but I never made it one of my must watches.

    I hope you get your kindle, you'll love it.

    I'm not sure what my top five Christmas gifts are. I kind of like lots of cash! :)

  3. Cool list. I'd like to update into this century when it comes to I things. You know, iPod, iPhone, iPad. I'll take I anything.

    ~ Wendy

  4. You've left me wondering why James still needs to play with the Nativity set. Does he make real cow and donkey sounds? Or does he rev'em up like cars? Just curious, of course!

    Also, if you get a MacArthur study Bible, I'm going to forbid use of it in Romans class! I'm noticing a trend where only those who have study Bibles are answering my "mysteriously confusing questions." of course, the "Blatantly Obvious" ones don't get answered either.

    I'll be waiting for the giant "Squee!" south of us on Christmas morning when the Kindle arrives (do you want the inexpensive version or the Kindle Fire?)

  5. Numb3rs RULES!! :) My top five ...
    Just Amazon gift cards to buy books. :)
    Really - 5 of them would be great

  6. Kindle is on my list, big time! Wonder if they'll break sales this holiday season...

    Second is pair of blue jeans that has the rhinestone/crystals on the back pockets. I know it sounds girly and a little Dolly Pardonish, but everytime I see a girl in a pair my heart pounds.

    And while we're listing, signing w/ an agent should probably move to the top. :)

  7. Erica, I hope you get several of the items on your list.

    I made a list for my college daughter, who loves to do the shopping for me, making her dad very happy. I know there were books on the list, but the one thing I remember most is a parasol. That's the one accessory I didn't get for my Victorian outfit, and I think it would be a fun one to have.

  8. Clear direction from God on something. I'm not sure that'll help my hubby in the shopping department though!

  9. Oh, I think I'm with Katie on the 'clear direction' thing! After several nudges from God I seem to have ended up standing at a confusing intersection. But for Christmas...? I think an iPad or Kindle Fire are more than my list can handle (I have a MacBook so can't really justify another toy, although they'd be nice), but Amazon/Chapters gift cards are always a joy to receive, and a gift certificate for my favourite garden nursery; maybe a new sweater (if I don't buy one for myself first). It's *really* hard to think about Christmas yet. I have to get past Halloween first.