Friday, October 14, 2011

The Friday Five

Tomorrow is my pastor, Kevin Sorensen's **'th birthday. Not only is Kevin my pastor, but I also consider him a very good friend. We've been coming to Cornerstone E. Free Church for twelve years now, and Kevin has been our pastor there the whole time. This is the first church my husband and I have attended where the pastor is our contemporary.

So today's Friday Five is for Kevin. Happy Birthday.

Five things I like about having Kevin as my pastor. (And there are more than five, but we'll go with these for today.)

1. Kevin had the guts to put the above picture of himself on Facebook for all the world to see. Bold choice, Kevin.

2. Kevin knows all the lines to The Princess Bride, and he is NOT afraid to use them.

3. Kevin never seems to mind that something funny happens in church every week and I wind up stifling giggles.

4. Kevin is always reading and learning and trying to deepen his knowledge of God so he can glorify Him more and teach others how to do the same.

5. Kevin goes above and beyond at the church, doing so many things that none of us even know about in addition to his up front duties.

Here's what Kevin looks like now. He cleans up pretty good.

Happy Birthday, Kevin! Enjoy the Caribou coffee.

Are you friends with your pastor? Did you know that October is Pastor Appreciation Month? Do something nice for your pastor before Reformation Day!


  1. Happy Birthday, Kevin (and now I know who that is that visits here often).

    ~ Wendy

  2. Any pastor who can quote the Bible and Princess Bride has me sold! I think it's pretty cool that you're featuring him for Pastor Appreciation month.

  3. Happy Birthday, Kevin! Love the young photo.

  4. Linda9:16 AM

    Happy Birthday, Pastor Kevin! Both those pictures are terrific. He is also a fierce competitor come New Years Day and very fun.

  5. Happy birthday, Kevin!

  6. And he has a great name-my husband is also a Kevin. Happy Birthday!

  7. What a great choice for your Friday Five, Erica, and Happy Birthday to Kevin. Since my hubby is a pastor I have my own close up view of #4 and #5. When things are moving along smoothly in a congregation it's easy to take the pastor's role for granted. Pastor Appreciation Month is a lovely idea!

  8. Many happy returns of the day!