Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gift Baskets

This fall, I have five book signings scheduled. Hoping to liven things up a bit, I decided to create some gift baskets to give away at the signings. Each basket contains a pair of Log Cabin pattern quilted pot holders that I made myself (You can see the process of creating these HERE) as well as three of my Heartsong titles, some cocoa mix, some chocolate, and a cinnamon candle. It's all shrink-wrapped up in a little metal bucket and tied with a pretty fall-leaf ribbon.

Pictured here in front of the baskets is a Log Cabin quilted table runner I made that matches the pot holders.

The gift basket was a big success at the first book signings. I invited folks who were browsing to stop by the table on the way out and sign up to win the basket, and from that, I got to talk to a lot of folks, who took the time to look over my books and if I'm not mistaken, everyone but one person who entered the drawing purchased at least one book. The basket was an opening for conversation, giving browsers a reason to stop by the book table to talk without feeling awkward.

I think it was a success, and I'm looking forward to taking gift baskets to the next few signings. You can check out the 'Awards & Signings' tab at the top of the blog to see where I'll be next. Perhaps you can stop by and enter the drawing. :)

Today I'm over at http://goteenwriters.blogspot.com/ again, and you can enter to win a copy of A Bride's Portrait of Dodge City, Kansas.

I'm also hanging out at Seekerville today talking about Networking. You can check out the party (It's ALWAYS a party at Seekerville) at http://seekerville.blogspot.com/


  1. Very pretty Erica. I love the table runner. You are a lady of multiple talents!

  2. Wish I could come to a signing and win a basket. They look wonderful. You know how to do EVERYTHING! Love those potholders.