Friday, September 09, 2011

The Friday Five

This past Sunday, I had a brainwave. I realized that when my mother was my age, she had two married daughters, a grandchild, and another grandchild on the way. My mother married one month after she turned 18, had her first child on her first anniversary, her second child (me) when she was 20, and her third when she was 23. My sister and I both married young (her at 21 and me at 20.)

All this thinking about age, etc, had me thinking about my bucket list.

So, this week's Friday Five is:

Five things on my Bucket List:

1. See the Grand Canyon with my husband.

2. Visit the Smithsonian Museum.

3. Go to a foreign country.

4. Visit Boston.

5. Live long enough to thoroughly spoil grandbabies whenever those happen to come along.

How about you? What's on your bucket list?

Also, don't forget to stop by Renee's Blog for the birthday party.


  1. I would like to see the Aurora Borealis

    And Boston might seem like a foreign country. Narrow cobbled streets and accents foreign to your ears. (-;

  2. I love your bucket list! Two on mine would be....

    travel with my husband
    go back to Africa

  3. Great list! I want to see the Grand Canyon, too! I have been to Boston, even ate at Cheers and brought home a mug!

    I would like to go to India
    Spend several weeks in Italy with the hubby!

  4. Great list. Erica.

    I have trouble coming up with items to put on a bucket list because I've already been blessed in so many ways. I have a wonderful husband and daughter, live in a historic Gold Rush-era town I love, spent four years living in Germany and taking vacations all over Europe, and am awaiting the release of my debut novel coming out next year. Life is good!

  5. Love your bucket list! I have many, many things on mine. The Grand Canyon is on it!

    I've always wanted to visit Rome and to tour London and the countryside of England. I have an ever-growing list of American cities to visit, also!

  6. I want to visit the Grand Canyon too!

    And if you ever make it to Boston, come see me (we're not far).

    I want to run a half-marathon and retire on a lake.
    ~ Wendy

  7. I lived in Arizona for 7 years and still never made it to the Grand Canyon. It is definitely on my bucket list!