Wednesday, August 24, 2011

School Starts Again

This week we took our daughter back to college to begin the first of her 2.5 senior years. Yeah, she'll be a senior this year, a 'super-senior' next year, and the following semester, she'll be what I dubbed a 'supreme-senior.' Frankly, after all this senioring, I think she deserves a senior discount!

My son and I also started school this week. I homeschool my 10th grade son, and we're studying Biology, Geometry, American Literature, World History, Art History, Movies as Literature, and Spelling.

Summer break is over, and it's time to buckle down. The schedule is filling up and tightening up.

But this is a good thing for me. I do much better when I have a fairly rigid schedule and limited time to get things done (within reason, of course!) A sense of urgency narrows my focus, forces me to concentrate on the essentials that must get done.

How about you? Is school starting where you are? Do you need the constraints of a busy schedule to keep you focused?


  1. The Young One starts classes tomorrow. I'll be glad to get back into a routine. I do much better with a schedule.

  2. School starts next week. And like you, I work well under a deadline.

    Routine is good for me.
    And the kids are ready.
    Beyond ready.
    ~ Wendy

  3. Our oldest son went back to college last weekend.

    Our youngest son begins his senior year on the 30th. I'm thrilled for the new path he's going to take in his life, but having him grow up makes me a little sad.

    In my childcare program we will get back to a more structured routine.

    Am I the only one who loves wandering up and down the aisles of new school supplies?

  4. Yep, my kids have gone and I have three hours of alone time before picking up my 4 yr old from vpk. I don't think I could do what you do though. A constant state of to-dos or urgency would turn me into a crazy lady! LOL Have fun with your son. ;)

  5. School started two weeks ago for us. It was hard for me but I'm slowly adjusting. My heart longs to homeschool our kids...maybe next year.

    I, too, work better under pressure. I get so much more done when my schedule is packed than when it's empty. Weird.

    Was taking your daughter back to college hard for you?

  6. Ours starts in a week and a half. Having the house empty for those day hours always helps me with writing time for sure. But I miss the girls!

    May you have a great school year, Erica!!

  7. School starts tomorrow for my kids. I have mixed feelings - I'm glad I'll have peace and quiet to write, but I sympathise with them because I remember how it felt to have to go back to school and homework. :-)

  8. School is in full swing and yes, I love the routine. I work well with constraints on my time.

    You have a senior in college? What!?

  9. My high school teacher hubby started his new school year August 8th, whereas our college daughter's first trimester classes won't start until late in September. Since she lives and works in her college town, my schedule is back to "normal." It's just me and the cats all day long--and my characters, of course. =)

  10. CJ, me too. I've already been more productive over the last two days than I was the whole week before.

    Wendy, I hear you. By the end of summer, my kids need to have something to do, to learn, to occupy their minds.

    Lisa, you are not alone. I LOVE school supplies, especially new crayons and post it notes. :)

  11. Jessica, I'm pretty sure I'm already over the edge of crazy. :)

    Lacie, I LOVE homeschooling. :) And it was hard to take her back to school, but she was so ready, and I'm happy for her.

    Thank you, Eileen, and I hope you and the girls have a great school year too!

  12. Jen, I was always ready to head back to school as a kid, not because I loved homework, but because I wanted to hang with friends. :)

    Jessica R., I am older than most people take me for, but the sr. in college is a bit misleading. She's 19, but she did two full years of college in high school, so when she arrived on campus last fall, she was considered a jr. transfer. So this year, she's a senior. :)

    Keli, I was a high school history teacher. I miss the kids, but I'm glad to be home and only teaching my own kiddo now. More time to write and hang out with my cat too. :)