Monday, August 29, 2011

Reading Aloud

First, let me announce that the winner of a copy of A Log Cabin Christmas Collection AND A Bride's Portrait of Dodge City, Kansas is...


Congratulations, Melissa! Please email me at ericavetsch at gmail dot com with your address and I'll get those books in the mail to you ASAP.

Second, this last week, I had a new experience. I read aloud my Christmas novella to my husband.

My husband supports my writing in untold ways, and he's my biggest cheerleader. But he doesn't read historical romance, and consequently has never read one of my books.

But this week, when I was looking for a book to read aloud (we often read mysteries aloud, and he frustrates me by almost always figuring out whodunit way before I do) he suggested that I read my Christmas novella instead of an Amelia Peabody or Dick Francis.

At first I was self-conscious. But after a couple of pages, I forgot to be nervous.

The best news: He liked the story! :D

Question for you: Do you read aloud? To whom?


  1. This is one of the things I miss about teaching! Read aloud time! I usually always read Harry Potter (the first book) to my students and it was such a magical time....I know that sounds like a super cheesy pun, but honestly, it felt magical. With all my students listening so raptly.

  2. I read aloud to myself. Every ms. My husband would probably try to smother himself with a pillow if I tried reading to him! He says, "I'll wait for the movie."

    He says that about everything. I think he learned the OT from watching Heston.

  3. I don't normally read aloud unless I'm working on my writing and trying to hear if a sentence flows like it should. Amazing how different things sound in your head vs. out loud.

  4. How cool that you guys read together like that! My hubby's not a fiction reader, so he'd probably fall asleep a few pages in. :)

    I do read my manuscripts aloud when I'm editing, but I'm the only one who hears (as far as I know, anyway). :)

  5. That's so cool that you read aloud to each other. I haven't ventured into those enchartered waters yet, except to myself while editing.

  6. Katie, read aloud time was my favorite time, right through high school where my teacher read to us aloud. We read about the wreck of the Andrea Doria, the defection of KGB officer Sergei Kourdakov, Where the Red Fern Grows, and Treasures of the Snow, and more.

  7. Jessica, I busted out laughing...the Bible from Charleton Heston?

    I'm going to be so disappointed when I get to heaven if Moses doesn't look like Heston. :)

  8. Lacie, it sure is amazing how different things sound aloud. It's such a valuable tool when editing. But sometimes I feel so self-conscious, even when I'm alone. I need to get over that.

  9. Sarah, I was surprised when he suggested I read my short story. And he listened all the way through. Of course he was working a jigsaw puzzle at the time.

  10. Eileen, I don't know that if we didn't have a history of reading aloud that he would've suggested me reading to him at all.

    But we do enjoy it a lot now.

  11. I'm so excited to win your books! Especially, the Log Cabin Christmas. I'm already planning my Christmas Eve dinner menu. It's our first year hosting the family get together and I'm a little bit of a Christmas nut. Thank you.