Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It's been way too long since I posted my goals here on the blog. My bad! It sure shows in what I'm getting done these days too.

So, I'm putting myself back on notice. Time to organize those goals and get some things checked off the list for September:

1. Finish the final novella in the Sagebrush Knights collection. I'm about 20% finished with this one, and need to get it done so I can edit it and get it sent in well before the November 1st deadline.

2. Book signing in Onalaska, Wisconsin, September 10th. I'd love to see you there if you can make it. :)

3. Put together gift baskets for several book signing drawings.

4. Put together a talk and power point for one of the book signings.

5. Head to ACFW Conference. Squee! :)

6. Begin writing A Bride Sews with Love in Needles, California. :)

How about you? What are your September goals?


  1. Get this danged story revised so I can send it to my critique partners!!

  2. Finish the revising and sent to crit partners, finish plotting the new one and get started writing on it. And, I'm going to be teaching a FB 101 class to baby boomers at our library once a month. How fun is that?

    I've got to get powerpoints and all that fancy stuff ready. ;) lol

  3. My mind refuses to believe it's almost September. I still need more time for my August goals! Way too much going on this time of year...

  4. Fantastic goals!!! Wish I could make the Onalaska book signing :( durn it!

  5. Wow, lots on your plate! See you at the conference. ;-)
    I need to send ideas for new stories to my editor, but writing blurbs is killing me!!!

  6. Katie, your crit partners are looking forward to it. :)

    Jessica R. How fun to be teaching a FB class! I wish I could come!

    Lacie, I know. September totally snuck up on me.

    Jamie! I wish you could come to the book signing too. That would be ace!

    Jessica, yay for brainstorming new ideas, and I feel your pain. Distilling novel ideas down to hook blurbs is...torture!

  7. I wish you well on meeting your goals, Erica. Knowing how productive you are, that's like a given. =)

    I'm sooo looking forward to seeing you in St. Louis. It's not long now.

    I started reading A Bride's Portrait last night and am enjoying it. What a fun story.

  8. 1. Spending time with God in prayer and in His word more.

    2. Spending more time with my husband.

    3. Another goal for September is finishing up the loose ends for our family reunion. I organize our reunion every year. We are basically down to all the cousins. Most of our elders have passed on. We have a lot of fun catching up!