Friday, August 26, 2011

The Friday Five

Since it's the first week of school around here, I'm going to give you my top favorite school subjects:

1. World History. Especially Egyptology.

2. American History. Especially the period from the Civil War through the Gilded Age.

3. Biology. Anatomy was my favorite here. All the body systems and how they worked together.

4. Bible. I had Bible classes from 5th grade through college. In college I double-majored in Secondary Education and Bible/Theology.

5. English. I liked grammar and literature.

My least favorite subjects were Math and PE.

So, what was your favorite school subject, and what was your least favorite?


  1. My favorite was English and Study hall! lol

    In high school, I admit, I fell in love with science but only because the teacher was amazing minus the big white spit ball that stayed on his bottom lip and strung occasionally when he talked. Oh, it's early and remembering that made me nauseated.

  2. I liked English class especially if we could do creative writing. Anatomy and Physiology was another favorite. Math was the difficult subject except in dreamy Mr. Tupper's class.

  3. I promise I didn't write that first comment. ;)

    Depends what grade. For a while I really loved science. Until chemistry.

    In h.s. I loved English (& in college). I also loved philosophy in college.
    ~ Wendy

  4. History and English were always strong favorites for me. Never cared much for math.

    Jess, LOL. I can totally picture your science teacher, probably because I had a friend that had that same problem! Gross! :)

  5. My favorite subjects were history and art when I was in elementary school. I liked any type of literature class in high school. And in college, I found physics fascinating.

    Enjoy your back-to-school status! We went back on Wednesday. So far, so good!

  6. Favorite: Math
    Least: PE

    I knew history would be your top pick, Erica!

  7. All the best to you as you begin another school year, Erica.

    Favorite subject: English
    No-fun subjects: P.E., Calculus, and Physics

  8. English was, hands down, my favorite. As for math, well, lets just say to this day my ears start to bleed and I begin to twitch uncontrollably when one of my kids starts reading me a word problem from their homework. :-P