Friday, August 12, 2011

The Friday Five

As I posted on Monday, this past weekend my family and I visited the National Eagle Center and learned a bunch about bald eagles. So this week's Friday Five is Five things I learned about eagles.

  1. Girl eagles are bigger than boy eagles.
  2. Eagles' digestive systems are so acidic they can digest even bones as big as a chicken leg bone or gopher skull.
  3. An eagle can see a rabbit hopping from three miles away.
  4. A grown eagle only weighs about 10 pounds.
  5. The National Eagle Center collects the feathers that the eagles molt and they are sent to a conservation center where Native Americans can apply to receive these feathers for use in their ceremonies and dress.
Have you ever seen a bald eagle up close?


  1. We saw a bald eagle at the zoo a couple days ago and I thought about you!

  2. Only saw them in the distance when we went on the riverboat ride when the Young One and I visited MN

  3. Where is that gofer skull when you need it most? Wow, I love facts like this and when it's possible, I try to work stuff like this into my novels.

    ~ Wendy

  4. Linda7:15 AM

    Those were some interesting tidbits, thanks for sharing.

    I saw a bald eagle in elementary school once and then our school collected soup labels to save the eagles. I still have my certificate.

    They can see a bunny hop from 3 miles away? That certainly explains the old eagle eyes expression.

  5. Never up close, but I'm surprised the females are larger. Very interesting!

  6. My kids and I saw two fairly close up at our state fair just a few weeks ago - our fair has a small natural resources park. My son got a pretty good picture of them too. Beautiful birds, very appropriate for our national symbol despite Benjamin Franklin's objections. :-)