Friday, August 05, 2011

The Friday Five

Look at us! We were babies! But isn't
that man handsome?
This week's Friday Five is: Five things I remember from my wedding.

1. My mom made my dress. She's an amazing seamstress. In addition to making my dress, she made all the bridesmaids' dresses too.

2. I wore my mom's veil from her wedding.

3. I don't care for punch too much, so at the reception, we had Sprite instead.

4. We got married in December, so the decorations were a snap. Lots of red and green.

5. I got married in the same church that my parents, my older sister, and my younger brother were all married in.

Are you married? What's something you remember about your wedding? If you're not married yet, what's something you remember from a wedding you've attended?


  1. AWWW! Love the picture! :) Your mom did a fabulous job.

    I remember 2 things most:

    1. My husband wrote a song and sang it to me, which was a huge surprise.

    2. After, "You may kiss the bride" everyone laughed and when we looked up the groomsmen had all made score cards and pulled them out of their pockets to hold up.

    Ha. Ha. They were all high scores, so I don't carry any long term grudges. ;)

    Great Friday Five!

  2. So many beautiful ties to family at your wedding...the dress, the veil, the church!

    Love that picture!

    I liked dancing with my husband. I also thought it was fun when we smashed each other with cake, but then helped clean it off one another.

    ~ Wendy

  3. Cute couple. And you're still a baby.

  4. Beautiful Picture, and your mom is an amazing seamstress!

    We just celebrated our 21st anniversary yesterday.

    I remember spending endless hours making these hot air balloons for center pieces for all 16 tables.

  5. Isn't that funny how you look back at pictures and think you look so young? I have that same reaction when I see my wedding pictures.

    I remember being so nervous before the ceremony. My bridesmaids turned on The Wheels on the Bus (we were waiting in the preschool room at my church) and we danced until I was distracted.

    Jess, I love the score cards. That is adorable! :)

  6. December weddings rock!

    I love how you were married in the same church as your parents and siblings. Perhaps one day you'll witness the wedding of one of your children there, too.

  7. Awww! So sweet! I don't remember much. lol